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I punish myself by watching “Left Behind: World at war”

18 Nov

Ok, so I was surfing netflix and I saw this movie. I guess I’m a masochist because now I’m watching it. Here is my thought process as the movie is progressing:

The movie starts out with some Christians trying to smuggle out bibles and they’re attacked by government forces who kill some of them

Apparently there is a one world government resembling the UN, but now the rapture has happened. Oh, and the president of the United States is a black man…could that be coincidence?

Oh look, an angry Christian militia attacked the black president and blew up the convoy.

Holy fuck Kirk Cameron is in this marrying some girl in a secret underground christian double marriage ceremony.

Oh, now Kirk must rush to Washington DC because the vice president was assassinated. They pray before they leave and mention how if they mention they are Christians they go to re-education camps, if you spread the word, you’re sentenced as terrorists and don’t always make it to court alive, and even if you do the system is stacked against you.

Apparently the one world government president has a slight Russian accent and wants to kill the Christians with biological weapons.

Oh goodie, Kirk was kidnapped and thrown in a van.  And his bible is considered hate literature. Oh, and apparently the president of the United States conducts interrogations by himself…with a gun.

Oh! And Kirk uses Webster’s dictionary!

The one world leader (and anti-christ)  is putting together a powerful group of scientists! DUN DUN DUN!

Wow, the president of the United States just snuck out of the White House by hiding in the back of this lady’s SUV so they could go explore a power plant together…

Oh, now Kirk’s buddy is being tempted by a seductress atheist woman who’s threatening to report him to the one world government if he doesn’t have sex with her right there on the plane, even though the good Christian was just married.

Kirk Cameron uses a Mac. I hate Macs.

Now Kirk must find a vaccine through THE POWER OF PRAYER!!!! Oh, and God answers prayers via cellphones.

The new world order is using bibles to transmit the deadly virus.

Awesome, the president has a pistol made of porcelain! wtf….

Apparently Satan has Jedi powers… He just force threw the president out a window after the porcelain gun failed.

Now Kirk is in his apartment alone, screaming at god like the Apocalypse is his fault.

Again, god working through cell phones….I wonder if he has rollover minutes.

The president sits in the bombed out oval office making youtube videos and Kirk Cameron shows up in the doorway to save his soul and tell him about Jesus.

Now they’re uttering the magical incantation.

Now the president of the United States is a suicide bomber trying to blow up Satan’s headquarters.

Oh, now god has given the suicide bomber the cloak of invisibility so he could slip past the guards and blow himself up…

Oops, president went kaboom via a cruise missile FROM SPACE!

–the end–



Why Obama is a fool

20 Aug

Last presidential election I voted for Obama. During the the previous 8 years under Bush, the political pendulum of the United States swung far to the right. Here, I thought, was a chance to swing it back and correct for the damage done in those 8 years; it was hard not to drink the Obama “hope kool-aid”. Did the pendulum swing equally far to the left after the election as it had swung to the right? No. If anything, since his election, Obama has shown himself to be pragmatic to a fault. So far he has proved to be extreme only in his mediocrity. He keeps playing to the middle of every issue, and he’s an idiot for it. Why is this foolish? Simple: he’s neglecting his base and breaking promises he made in an attempt to appease and include his opposition.

Normally, trying to compromise with your opposition and reach an agreement would be a good thing, but that’s assuming your opposition also wants what’s best for the country. Here’s where Obama goes wrong when trying to work with the republican leadership: The republican game plan is to make everything as horrible as possible in the run up to elections. Since the democrats are in control, they take the blame for when things go wrong. The republicans see that Obama is a push over and so they suggest the most damaging and radical ideas they can think of. They know they won’t get all of it in, but they can count on Obama to try and compromise, thus bad ideas get pushed through. When everything goes to shit, the republicans then through up their hands and go “See! What did I tell you? Government can’t make anything better, especially when the democrats are in charge! Vote republican!”

It’s brilliant really; brilliant and extremely sadistic at the same time. The fact is, despite all the drum beating and flag waving, republican leadership doesn’t give a shit about the rest of the country. All that matters are the super rich, the poor guy can go to hell. Off the top of my head, look at the unemployment relief package that just passed. $30bn to give aid to people who can’t afford to feed their families because they lost their jobs because of  mismanagement of the economy by super-banks. The republicans flipped out! They started crying about the deficit, suddenly caring now, in the middle of the worst recession since the great depression. (Where were they when Bush sunk us after Clinton’s surpluses? Oh wait, we were killing foreigners with the money so it was ok) You don’t cut government spending in a recession. The government is the only one around with the credit rating and ability to pump money into the system to jump start economic activity. You pay down the deficit during an economic boom as Clinton (D) did. But while the republicans were howling at spending $30bn to help the hardest hit families in the country, they started to dig in their heels on the issue of Bush’s tax cuts. Reinstating Bush’s tax cuts would cost us around $607bn dollars. That’s more than if we passed the unemployment aid 20 times over. The republicans are now trying to get popular support for the tax cuts from their gullible base. The fools see “tax cut” and think it’s a tax cut for them. It’s not. The tax cuts were for the richest Americans in the country. The rank and file republican voter won’t get shit, but he doesn’t know that.

Obama keeps giving in to these people while swatting away the very people who elected him. If he actually grew a pair and pushed the political pendulum back to the left, then things would start to get better, but he keeps trudging through this lukewarm crap. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m starting to think I should have voted for McCain. “Whoa! How the hell would that make things better?” Simple. Obama winning the election was the best thing that happened to the republicans. During the 8 years under Bush, republicans had fucked things up so badly, that they knew it was all going to come crashing down on the next president. (They really started to see this when the economy first started coughing up blood right before the election) It was like this looming tsunami that would inevitably crash on the next president, who would undoubtedly take the blame for all of it. Had McCain won, the entire house of cards, the effects of 8+ years of solid republican rule, would have come crashing down on him. It would have been the death of the republican party. But no, we elected Obama out of desperation and “the audacity to hope”. Predictably the shit hits the fan, and this gives the republicans the perfect fear filled fuel to fire up their base and regroup.

“Look what happens when you elect a liberal! The country goes to hell!” (Even though Obama is a really conservative liberal, and what’s happening now was set in motion long before he was elected; but the American electorate are stupid children with Attention Deficit Disorder) So now the republican base is frothing at the mouth and can see blood in the water. Elections are fast approaching and the democrats are going to lose BIG. With a yet again a republican controlled congress, Obama will quickly become the conservative’s bitch in his desperate bid for approval from the people who despise him. A dark time for progressives indeed.

I’m leaving the country, why do you care?

1 Aug

Have you ever noticed that people get insulted when you don’t like something they care about? It’s really irrational. Why should it matter that I don’t like what you like? You enjoy it, isn’t that enough? But no, they feel that since they like it, it must be right, and you’re wrong by not liking it. It gets even worse when you dislike a religion or country, or something that they take as a personal identifier. If you dislike something like that they see it as a personal attack.

I have decided that I want to leave the United States. My reasons are my own and I don’t need to explain them to you, but regardless, I want to leave. I’m also thinking about giving up my US citizenship. Does that piss you off? Why? Why should it?

Is it because of the cognitive dissonance? If you’ve been telling yourself, and hearing from others, that everyone loves it here, that everyone is dying to get in here, that this is the greatest place on earth, then yeah, I could see how somebody hating it and wanting to leave would make your brain hurt. People say “Love it or leave it”, well guess what, I’m leaving it! I think it’s funny how this takes them aback for a second. “Wh….what? You’re leaving?” Next comes sour grapes where the offended person tries to use ad hominem attacks. “How dare you leave! How ungrateful of you! How selfish! How un-American (like that’s a bad thing?)” So am I trapped in my own country? What’s the value of citizenship if I don’t have the freedom to leave?

Why I will never vote Republican

16 May

I saw a bumper sticker earlier today that really pissed me off. It said “RIP USA 1776-2009”. Give me a break. Just because the democrats won an election does not mean that the United States died. This got me thinking about this post.

There are a few reasons why I’ll never vote republican. While I am a white middle class male, I seldom identify with them. I’m not afraid of other races, and I have this radical idea that women are people too. I’m also not anti-intellectual, which is the most dumbfounding movement I’ve ever heard of, but that’s another post.

But it would be horrible naive and wrong of me to say that all republicans were angry white skinheads. Many people are republican for non social reasons, be it economic philosophy or their philosophy on government, which brings me to the main point of this post.

One of the biggest reasons I’ll never vote republican is that my philosophy on government disagrees with them. While I’m definitely not a statist I do think bigger government tends to be better than smaller government. Let me explain:

People’s rights are better protected in a nation with a wide diversity of constituents than they are in a nation with less diversity. If the government’s base is sufficiently large enough to cover a wide swath of people, then it is much harder for one group to completely oppress another. In essence, a tyranny of the majority is much harder to achieve.

In smaller governments, the opposite is true. With less diversity in the voting populace, a single block can gain power and oppress the minority. This concept works on all levels.

Now, it depends on person to person, but I feel a lot of republicans would like to abolish the constitution and the bill of rights, and go back to the articles of confederacy. They’d love it if individual states had complete power over their citizens, and only banded together in time of war. I guess it’s the mentality of “I don’t want somebody in Washington telling us how to run our state, what we can and can’t do in our own back yards!”

(I think the great irony is how conservatives rail against big government meddling in people’s lives, while at the same time they try and use it to impose their narrow ideas of sexual morality on the rest of the populace)

The problem is that if we went back to “states have all the power” the diversity of the voting populace would be greatly scaled back in every state. For example, while there might be a large population of Jews in New York, there might not be in Alabama. Thus the Jews in Alabama would have less voting power than the numerically superior Jews in NY. The principle is the same  for a variety of different groups.

If left to their own devices, many states have, and will continue to discriminate against particular groups. Just look at all the federal legislation that had to be written up to protect minorities in other states. The National Voting Rights Act of 1965 is a prime example. There are majorities in certain states that have a history of oppressing minorities. Without the federal government keeping them fair, these groups would continue to infringe upon minority rights.

Without big government blacks wouldn’t be able to vote in many states, Atheists would be banned from holding public office in many states, and women wouldn’t have the right to vote in several  states. Basically, if you aren’t a WASP (white, anglo-saxon, protestant) male you’d be shit out of luck. It will be interesting to see if republican change their views in 2050 when white people will become the minority. I wonder if they’ll become hypocrites in an attempt to use big government to secure their rights.

Republicans want to secede? Let em

10 May

So just this last April the good old governor of Texas, Rick Perry, suggested that his state could secede and leave the United States. Also, just recently DailyKos commissioned a poll that found nearly half of Georgian republicans favor seceding from the country.  Another 31% of Texas republicans want to leave this the country. South Carolina and Oklahoma also recently adopted sovereignty resolutions.

These people make me sick. After a little over a hundred DAYS of not getting their way they are ready to destroy the country and secede. 100 DAYS!!!! Liberals had to put up with the republicans ruling the country for 8 YEARS!!! Whatever happened to “Country First”? These people accuse liberals of being un-patriotic for years, and after 100 days of not being in power they have no problem with ripping the country apart. But come to think of it, let the traitors secede.

Let them go. The US would be much better off without them. Ever hear of “Red State Welfare“? Yeah, that’s right, the red states take more money out of the federal government than they pay in. The Blue states end up paying in more than they take out, subsidizing the red states. Ironic considering conservatives accuse liberals of wanting to create a welfare state.

What also gets me is how these republicans complain that we are taking their liberties. Taking their liberties? WTF! This coming from the party that just spent the last 8 YEARS trying to destroy the constitution and bill of rights at every turn. This is the party that brought you such hits as warrant-less wiretapping, torture, and the patriot act.

No, the only liberty they want is the liberty to sit on their front porch and shoot black people and homosexuals with their guns while not paying taxes and sending their kids to churches instead of schools. I say let them go and cut off all federal welfare propping those states up.