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Atheism according to t-shirts

16 Dec

Last night I went shopping around online for some atheist t-shirts and was appalled by how bad a lot of them were. Some were horribly designed, others presented a very twisted view of atheism. Here are a few of them: (click to enlarge)

These three shirts in particular really rubbed me the wrong way. The first one “God hates me, now we’re even” perpetuates the sterotype that all atheists are simply atheists because they hate god. To the person who would wear this I would simply say “Grow up.” The last two “Science is my religion” and “Richard Dawkins is my messiah” also perpetuate the myth that science is a religion that requires just as much faith to support evidenceless conclusions as other religions. It’s disgusting. Saying Dawkins is your god is not the least bit helpful either.

There were a couple of t-shirts like this one that has absolutely horrible design. Seriously, who the hell thought this would be a good idea? The text is tiny which means the only way someone is going to be able to read it is if you hold still and stretch the shirt out flat. It’s useless and looks like crap. On top of that, I bet within the first few washed those tiny letters begin to fade, not that they were legible in the first place. The whole thing just looks trashy, like some kind of atheist trailer park redneck. Other t-shirts that fall into this category had giant images plastered on them, looking like someone had taken a square family photo and applied it to a coffee mug and a t-shirt without bothering to crop it or make sure it flowed well. I’m not a fashion designer, but come on….

These t-shirts, while technically correct, fail in their execution. They are unnecessarily abrasive. Now before you say I’m codelling religion and being a wuss atheist, there is a difference. Do I believe in being honest and unabashed about one’s views? Yes, but this is not about telling it like it is; quite simply, this is trolling. Yes people, these t-shirts are an attempt to take your trolling off of the internet and walk around in public to troll some more. Isn’t that efficient… These t-shirts just make all of us look like giant flaming dicks. I can only imagine that the people who would actually wear these things around to try and start a fight are deeply trapped in an immature teenager phase. These t-shirts are designed for the express purpose of raising a shitstorm for shitstorm’s sake. They do nothing to improve our image or convey our message.

This one I included simply because it demonstrates an ignorance of the American government. Yeah, I know you’re trying to be cool and hip, but if you knew anything about government, you’d know that both Dawkins and Hitchens, being UK born, are ineligible to run for president. Secondly, Dawkins is a liberal, Hitchens is a neo-con. They may agree on religion, but they’re opposites when it comes to politics, which is the subject of this shirt since it displays an American flag and the date 2012, the next presidential election year.

So were their any shirts that I did like? Yes, a few, but I had to wade through a lot of shit to find them.

These shirts are clear, crisp, the text is large and simple, and they get a message across without making you look like a douche. (I actually bought the Skeptic one)