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Prayer saved Gabriel Gifford…according to Fox Viewers

21 Jan

A new poll conducted by Fox “news” found that 8 in 10 Americans (aka conservatives who take Fox Polls) believe that god saved Gabriel Gifford’s life. Meanwhile another poll conducted by Reality News found that 8 in 10 people who responded to the Fox “news” poll are morons.

We can all let out a collective groan because here we go again. Just as with the Chilean mine collapse, or the plane crash on the Hudson river, people always find a way to praise their invisibly sky daddy and never blame him. That is just how the game is rigged. There is no possible scenario where they will blame god. Period.

Did gay intern Daniel Hernandez, who held his hands tight on Gifford’s head to control the bleeding and to keep her brains from oozing out, save Gifford’s life? What about the person who jumped the gunman to keep him from shooting more people? What about the emergency responders who rushed to the scene? What about the expert surgeons who spent years studying the advances of science and who spent hours fighting to keep Gifford alive?

Nope. God did it…. but do you know what that means if you want to be logically consistent? It means god had a nine year old girl gunned down… And if you’re not going to admit that then you have to admit you don’t give a fuck about reality, logical coherence, or will ever admit your god did something disgusting.

Republicans don’t want smaller gov only badly run gov

7 Jan

I can understand the desire to have a smaller federal government. The less government control over your life, the better. People could also keep more of their money from taxes with a smaller government’s operating costs. It’s a legitimate idea. The problem is, bigger governments protect everybody more equally than a bunch of smaller, more autonomous governments.

I don’t mean “protect” in some kind of creepy 1984 “protect” but take the civil rights movement for example. If states were able to operate more autonomously then Jim Crow laws and segregation would still be rampant in the south. Minorities would become even smaller minorities within their respective states, and thus have even less power to insure their equality before the law. A larger, more powerful federal government is able to change that, it evens out the field by adding in the populations from all the other states.

But what I’m starting to realize is that everybody loves big government when it’s doing what they want, republicans too. GW greatly expanded the federal government while he was in charge, and nobody on the right complained because their people were in charge.

I’ve also noticed that republicans love big government when they use it to try and enforce their social and religious views into law. Take a recent action by the Tea Party Patriots for example. In California, they are trying to make it mandatory that schools have children listen to or sing christmas carols. The schools would be subject to litigation if they fail to comply. These people are supposed to be all about keeping government out of your lives, but now they want to use it to force christian holiday music on children in a public school.

Look, if a kid wants to say a prayer to his/herself before a test, fine, but you can’t force children at a public school to pray. If a kid wants to listen to christmas carol music on the radio between classes, or on his ipod while walking through the halls, then fine, but you can’t take force children to listen to your religious music.

Where is the logic in electing people to an office when they espouse a belief that government can never do anything right? What incentive do they have to get it right? They’ll just get elected and run the country into the ground, only to turn around and say “I told you so”. Had people who actually thought the government could be used as a tool for good been in charge when hurricane Katrina hit, it would not have taken 5 days to get water to the super-dome in the middle of a first world country.

It would be one thing if republicans, when elected, slashed all government departments and cut everything down to the bare minimum (even though I think that would be disastrous) but they don’t. They happily fill up the ever increasing government with their people, and proceed to mismanage things.

Jesus pray for us….

15 Dec

Going to college near Liberty University is hard, especially when you’re one of those godless heathens. It’s Falwell country through and through and it gets shoved in your face pretty hard. I happened to be walking to class the other day and saw a license plate “JCPR4US”. Jesus Christ Pray for US…… This made me stop and think, how the hell does this make sense? The driver is asking Jesus (god) to pray for them. To whom would he pray to? Himself? He’s god according to the trinity, so why would he need to pray to himself for the sake of the driver? Same reason he sacrificed himself to himself to repeal a moral law he himself created I guess…..jesus-watches-over-you