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Conservatives and attack legislation

24 Mar

Something I’ve noticed about conservatives: They have no qualms using their power for pursuing political vendettas. What do I mean by that? Well look at NPR, the last bastion of independent, objective, and civil news. It has a wide variety of extremely educational programing. Unfortunately reality has a liberal bias. (Conservatives deny that reality exists so to them they just see the liberal bias despite the fact that the numbers and evidence side with liberals) And so the conservatives are on a war path to kill NPR. They feel it’s liberal and so it must die. They seem to do this with any program they feel isn’t conservative enough.

Yet the funniest thing is how they act when liberals even think about doing something similar. They throw the biggest fit and cry foul! It’s fucking hilarious, those disingenuous bastards. Why can conservatives get away with this and not liberals? Human inertia again…

Religious search engines, protecting you from ideas

14 Sep

An interesting article on NPR. If you didn’t feel like reading it, the basic synopsis is that there are now search engines for religious people to use that will filter out any results that don’t already agree with their world view. Not only that, but the search engines are proactive in what content they provide. The article gives two examples: Search for “democrats” and you get articles on Marxism, search for “sex” and you get abstinence only articles.

This whole thing just blows me away. So you’re telling me that your belief system is so weak it’s threatened by just being exposed to other world views, thus if you must use the internet (and be connected to the the wealth of accumulated knowledge the world has to offer) you choose to do so by essentially locking yourself in a closet.

Actually, it’s not surprising. If you’re a religious fundamentalist, like the people who use these sites, you’ve already arbitrarily decided on how the world works. You’ve deluded yourself so deeply into believing that you’re correct, so why bother even exposing yourself to other ideas? It’s sad really. What they’re essentially doing is intellectually castrating themselves.  Perhaps it’s out of fear. Maybe they’re afraid their might be a chance they could be wrong, and that being exposed to different opinions might open them up to doubt.

I think the internet has had a really interesting effect on religion. While on one hand it makes it easier for religious groups to coordinate and get out their message, it also exposes people to a lot more information that they previously wouldn’t have been able to get. I think this is key, it is this fact that makes the internet a negative thing for religion. In order to keep your believers following you, it’s important to control their access to information. Information is power after all. With the internet offering all this information, and for free, you’ve lost that power. You can no longer control what your followers are exposed to. In the real world religion can rely on social pressures to keep people in line. People are more likely to shut up and go along with the crowd and avoid asking questions that might cause them trouble. With the anonymity of the internet, religions can no longer coerce people like that. Here is a really interesting video on the subject:

My worst nightmare

15 Feb

Palin elected president. The United States leaves the UN, invades Iran. Israel given blank check of US support in hopes that they spark a world ending holy war, as predicted in Revelations. The teaching of evolution in public schools is made a crime (again), Bible class substituted instead. Mandatory school prayer is reinstated. Roe v Wade overturned, women no longer masters of their own bodies. “Shoot on sight” orders issued to all law enforcement officials posted along US/Mexico border.

Corporations exempted from all taxes and restrictions. Internet, TV, newspaper, and radio censors put into place to “protect the moral integrity of America”. NPR and PBS shut down. Ownership of firearms made mandatory like in Texas. People are encouraged to bring guns into schools, churches, and places that serve alcohol. Healthcare reform blocked by insurance companies who do not want competition, while more and more people go bankrupt each year, unable to pay insurance bills.

Homosexuality made a crime, anti-gay laws passed and implemented. All gays kicked out of military, regardless if they can speak fluent Arabic or not.

Research into clean energy stopped at behest of oil companies. Environmental Protection Agency closed or budget seriously cut. Protective regulations of all kinds repealed under guise of “limiting government involvement”, at the same time amendments or measures re-writing history and recognizing US as a Christian nation under Jesus Christ are passed.

That’s as big of a nightmare as I’d like to imagine right now. I wonder how many of those things will come true in the next few years if religious republicans with a doomsday complex get elected again.