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How you play the game

7 Jul

I grew up playing the RTS series Age of Empires. In the last installment, Age of Empires III I was a “no rush” player. The game had the option to set a “treaty time” before the match. During this time players could not build outside of a certain radius, nor could units attack.

I, and a lot of other people, really enjoyed this style of play. It allowed us to build up and utilize all of the features that came with the game, not to mention really fun massive battles. However,  “No Rush” players as they were called came under attack from “rush” players. Rush players saw “no rush” games as a bastardization of their game, rules for wimps and noobs. They enjoyed the frantic pace of trying to get as many units up as quick as you could to destroy the other guy as fast as you could. By nature these games were fast, short, and only utilized a fraction of the available features of the game.

Rush players often complained that no rush games lacked strategy, that they “were done building up” within 7-8 minutes, and didn’t like the idea of waiting around 30 minutes to play. Oddly enough, when rush players put their money where their mouth was, they often got their ass handed to them by seasoned no rush players. There was strategy involved, just not what rush players were used to.

In single player games, my friends often give me a hard time for using cheats. Now before you make a judgement, hear me out. I play two types of games with every game I play. I play it honestly, and then I cheat. Usually I have two different saves. I don’t see anything wrong with this, but my friends do.

First off, it’s my game, I can play it however I like. (Keep in mind I don’t cheat in multiplayer) Secondly, what is the purpose of a game? To have FUN. Remember fun? Sometimes I have fun playing a game straight, sometimes I have fun playing with cheats and steam rolling my opponents. Sometimes I have fun playing with a different rule set (no rush games).

I don’t see why people feel they need to tell me I’m playing the game wrong if I’m having fun. Why must I play it your way if that way is not fun to me? It defeats the very purpose of playing! Live and let live, play and let play.