Getting rid of the sidebar polls

11 Jan

The polls in the side of my blog have been there since I started this blog years ago. They’re pretty dated and I think I’m going to get rid of some and redo others. I just figured I’d post the results here first as a record before doing so.

How optimistic do you feel about the future? 817 votes

Optimistic 224 27%
Totally fucked 191 23%
Meh 186 23%
Pessimistic 141 17%
Very optimistic 75 9%

Political leanings? 1,009 votes

Liberal 310 31%
Very Liberal 266 26%
Moderate 192 19%
Conservative 101 10%
Other 87 9%
Very Conservative 53 5%

Have you actually read the bible cover to cover? 1,061

I’ve only read parts of it 582 55%
Yes, I’ve read the entire bible 311 29%
No, I’ve never read the bible 168 16%

Do you believe in god(s)? 1,103

No, I do not believe in god(s) 702 64%
Yes, I believe in god(s) 300 27%
Not sure 101 9%


So it looks like the majority of visitors that bothered to fill out the poll are liberal atheists who have read parts of the bible, but are split on how optimistic they are about the future. No big surprise there.

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