I have great parents

10 Dec

I know I’ve often written on here about the rough relationship I have with my parents at times, but I just wanted to stop and write about how much I really do appreciate them. I’m extremely lucky to have great parents. Yes we fight over things at times, but they did a wonderful job raising my sister and I.

My mom is an amazing and fun person. Growing up she always went out of her way to give us the best. My favorite memories she gave me were of all the parties she would throw. She loved any excuse to decorate the house and have a celebration. When we were little, for St. Patrick’s Day, she would flip the furniture over and sprinkle shamrock confetti around the house as if the leprechauns had done it. She’d also place little chocolate coins all around for my sister and I to find. We even celebrated Chinese new year. She’d decorate the house in oriental themed decorations and we’d cook a special dinner.

By far the best were the block parties. My mom would host big parties for the neighborhood around Halloween and Mardi Gras. We would invite all the neighbors over for a cookout and we’d decorate scarecrows for Halloween or our bikes for a Mardi Gras parade. My dad would cook benyas and we’d ride around the street throwing candy to imaginary crowds. (We’d then go back and pickup the candy and eat it)

My mom was PTA super mom. She fought to get us a proper playground in elementary school. (The one that was there was old and falling apart.) On Columbus day she would make my entire class little blue jello cups with whipped cream representing the ocean, and then put 3 little chocolate chips in each cup for the 3 ships that sailed with Columbus. For earth day she’d make chocolate pudding cups with Oreo crumbs representing dirt. She’d then put gummy worms in the pudding cups. She was always really creative like that.

My dad’s a great father. He’s always been there for me and supported me with level headed advice. If ever I had a problem, he’d do his best to help me out with it. When I was little and he went on business trips, he would always bring me back a present from wherever he traveled to. He always helped me out with any construction project I was working on. He would work long hours at work to make sure we had enough.

For my 18th birthday he took me out of school and we flew to New York City to see Spamalot on Broadway  then he took me to a live taping of the Daily Show. I had an amazing time.

Whenever there was a lunar eclipse my mom and dad would take us out to a field with the telescope they bought us and we’d have hot chocolate and moonpies.

My mom loved camping and taking us to the park. My dad would be a good sport and tag along. She’d often get us these cool little cabins to stay in. One of the coolest parks we went to was Fairystone park. On special mornings my mom would make us Mickey mouse waffles with her Mickey Mouse waffle iron. She’d put M&Ms as the eyes and a cherry for the nose.

When I was into doing medieval living history my parents supported me and drove me to all my events. My dad even helped me build some of my catapults and then towed them to the soccer field to fire.  My mom drove me every Sunday to Mr. Mac’s house to work on my suit of armor, a 30 minute drive each way. She would then sit there for three hours while I worked.

At the same time my parents helped me decorate my room like a castle. They helped me paint it like stone blocks and my dad made me custom wooden closet doors. We also painted the bathroom like a rain-forest  We had the coolest house in the neighborhood.

When we first moved from California to Virginia we would have root-beer float parties on the front porch whenever it rained.

My dad built us an amazing tree house. in the back yard. It had a main room with a skylight, windows with shutters, and a railing we could use to walk around it. It even had a zip-line. He worked all weekend on it and it was amazing.

Every summer we’d take road trips up to my grandmother’s house. While we were up there we’d drive to Vermont and visit the Chocolate barn where we’d buy chocolates and a candle factory where we could make our own candles. We would always be sure to visit the old covered bridges and hold our breaths to make a wish as we drove through them.

My parent took us traveling from a young age, something that I’m very grateful for. I loved volcanoes as a kid, they took me along on their 10 year anniversary to Hawaii when I was 4 because they knew I would want to see the volcanoes. They took me all over Europe and the Caribbean. They planned a special trip for me to England because they knew how much I wanted to go. They even sent me back there for a field school when I wanted to study archaeology.

Perhaps most importantly they put me through college. I know plenty of people my age with mountains of student loan debt that they’ll be buried under for years to come. My parents spared me that and as such I’m free to achieve my dreams.

My entire life they’ve always stood by me and did everything they could to give me a great childhood. They humored all my crazy hobbies and projects, and always encouraged me to achieve my goals. Whenever I was having a rough time in life, they were there. I have amazing parents that I’m very grateful for, and I love them very much.