The coverage of “Superstorm Sandy” is absurd.

29 Oct

So I drop off the face of the earth for a week as far as news is concerned and I come back to find people screaming their heads off about how the entire eastern seaboard is going to be destroyed like the Russians came over the arctic and carpet bombed it. Hurricane Sandy is a “superstorm”, a “frankenstorm”, “the biggest storm in US history.”

I checked out The Weather Channel’s website and found it plastered is large red panicky banners screaming words and phrases like “Alert!” “Action” “Devastation Imminent!” “NYC underwater!” “Threat!”

The even had a map of predicted power outages in ominous orange and red, with orange being “possibly” and red being “likely.” The power outages hadn’t even started yet at that point, but they weren’t letting the fact that the news hadn’t happened yet keep them from reporting it!

I turned everything off and went to the gym. While I was running I saw ET news was literally showing clips from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” where NYC is destroyed. They were specifically showing clips of waves rushing through NYC 20-30 stories high, destroying everything.

This is fucking ridiculous. It was a category 1 storm, but now it’s only “post-tropical.” People are posting pictures of streets flooded (up to car doors) and broken glass/branches/roof tops missing. This happens all the time in hurricanes, but I think think there are two factors that are making people lose their goddamn minds over this:

1. It’s happening in a region that, until now, never gets hurricanes.

2. It’s affecting a lot of rich, white people.


If this type of bloodcurdling, screaming news titles deserve to be attached to a storm, they should have been attached to hurricane Katrina. That storm destroyed an entire city, killed almost 2,000 people, and cost $81Bn in damage. Much of the city still lay in ruins years after the fact. Yet nobody cares because it was a bunch of fucking black people. Now that the water is creeping up the side of the wallstreet broker’s lexus, “OMFG!!!! It’s a superstorm! It’s going to destroy everything!!!!1”

If hurricane Sandy is to deserve the hype people are giving it, it better absolutely level NYC like Godzilla. Otherwise this is just a bunch of over hyped bullshit.

Oh, and don’t forget kiddies, man-caused global warming is a liberal lie.

4 Responses to “The coverage of “Superstorm Sandy” is absurd.”

  1. Ness October 29, 2012 at 10:00 pm #

    I’m sorry, I know this was an epic rant but it really made me laugh. You’ve got some comedic rage right there 🙂 Not that a word of it is untrue, you raise a lot of good points and it’s nice hearing a different perspective from an American since we’re only seeing the drama on the news. The sensationalism just sounds pushed to the max.

  2. Ness October 29, 2012 at 10:03 pm #

    Also, the point you made about the coverage being related to where it’s happening and to whom, in relation with the global warming comment reminded me of something a friend and I were talking about a while ago. We concluded that since there’s so much current evidence of climate change and the really scary shit (ice melting etc) doesn’t even make it to the front page, it would probably take something like NY or Miami being covered by the ocean to wake people up. Now I wonder, if even that.

    • godlesspaladin October 29, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

      Yeah, it’s hard not to be absurd when covering something so absurd. Unfortunately I don’t think even this storm will wake people up to man-made global warming. There are just some people who will always compartmentalize and rationalize everything away, never accepting responsibility for anything or admitting they were wrong.

      There’s a trend in the US (that I’ve noticed at least) towards now at least acknowledging global warming as real, but still denying that we know what causes it. I actually saw a really great gif earlier today about the differences in how people see global warming:

  3. slrman October 30, 2012 at 3:56 am #

    You’re right, as usual. It’s the media being irrational and untruthful as usual. Journalism is dead. What we are seeing now is attempts to be alternately entertaining and hysterical because bad news and disaster stories (not facts) sell better than the truth which is, it will rain a lot (when did that ever happen) and the wind will blow, causing some minor damage. But that would be boring and not sell anything.

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