Life goes on…

21 Sep

Forgive me, it’s been way too long since my last confession post. A few new things have happened in my life and I’ve been pretty busy/exhausted. My job is going alright.  I’ve apparently developed a reputation around the school as being the “go to” guy if you actually get something done. The teachers love me because I’m usually quick to respond to their pleas for help, am empathetic, and follow through till their issues are taken care of.

The most surprising thing about the job is how little time I have in the rest of the day. I get home around 4:30 every day, but I have to be up by 6am, so I’m usually in bed by 10-11, which makes me feel old. I’ve tried to create a schedule for myself when I get home, but I’m really bad about actually following it.

I was really hoping to move in to an apartment with my friend now that I got a job, and I honestly thought I could, but my math was wrong and I couldn’t swing it AND meet my goal of saving $1000 a month in order to leave by February. On the bright side though I can now save $1500/mo and reach my goal of saving up $10,000 faster.

Very few people I’ve talked to have been supportive of what I’m trying to do with moving, at least when I tell them why I’m moving.

My biggest news besides the new job is the new girlfriend. I’ve been dating this one girl for a about a month. Met her online, then for drinks at a bar and we hit it off. She’s pretty techie. She’s actually fixing my wifi on my laptop she put linux on as I write this.

My last blog post was about me realizing I needed to avoid politics. This has been extremely difficult, but I’ve been doing it. It’s like avoiding some food on a diet and then it’s everywhere. It’s especially bad since there are 45 days left till the next presidential election. Whenever I catch myself thinking about politics I’ve been trying to quickly think about traveling or something else. Honestly that’s been a major reason why I haven’t posted anything recently. When I’m trying to avoid news, it’s been a little hard to write about anything.

I have some things in mind, but I’ll get to that in a bit. In the meantime I gotta go for a walk with my girlfriend and her dog before a play.
tl;dr still alive.

2 Responses to “Life goes on…”

  1. slrman September 23, 2012 at 7:39 am #

    Good on ya, mate. You’re making progress toward your goal and staying focused, even when you have to do things you, “druther not.”

    Maybe, for your own edification, you could write about the possibilities you are considering and the pros and cons of each. To misquote Von Clauswitz, you must plan for what can happen, not what you think can happen. The fewer surprises you encounter, the better. There will be enough to keep you “entertained” no matter how well you plan. 🙂

    I hope I am making sense this morning, I was out until almost 3:30 at a friends part, playing music, drinking, laughing, and exchanging lies with new people 😀

    I am always here, so if I’ve confused you, we’ll try in email when I am more ratioal. 😉

  2. tteamy October 7, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

    I wish you the best in your plans to move & the best with your g/f.

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