Assange’s fate will be decided after the Olympics

29 Jul

They Olympics are on but the most important event will come after they’re finished. It looks as though Ecuador will make a decision on his asylum request after the Olympics conclude. 

Assange is wanted for questioning in regards to an alleged sex crime in Sweden. He has not been charge with any crime, they just want him for “questioning.” Meanwhile one of the accusers has decided to stop cooperating with the Swedish police and instead left for Palestine. Everyone gets the sense that these accusations were drummed up conveniently right after Assange pissed off the most powerful government in the world by showing everyone the various war crime the US has been committing.

The Ecuadorian government has offered for Swedish officials to come and question Assange at their embassy in London, but Sweden hasn’t accepted this. Sweden to Stockholm is a 2 hour flight. The officials could literally have breakfast, fly down to question Assange, and be back home in time for dinner. The fact that they refuse to do this just lends credence to the fears that Sweden will hand Assange over to the US the moment they get him.

This is a life and death matter for Assange and journalism as a whole. If Ecuador doesn’t grant Assange asylum, he’ll be turned over to the US for the crime of infuriating the American government. He’ll be tried under US law, despite not being a US citizen and not being in the US while breaking US laws. Assange will be in the hands of a government that is known to consistently violate human rights by use of torture, execution, and the denial of a fair trial.

If you can be arrested, thrown in prison, and even executed for breaking American law despite not being an American, nor being IN America at the time, then it is clear that the US believes its law applies to the entire planet. It’s a tacit admission that the US believes it rules the world. Indeed its military budget, ubiquitous presence, and disregard for the sovereignty of other nations points to this conclusion.

One Response to “Assange’s fate will be decided after the Olympics”

  1. slrman July 29, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

    As a US citizen, living in Brazil, this makes me reluctant to even visit the USA again. No doubt I have certainly pissed off someone in the government as I have often posted things that I am certain the government doesn’t like.

    For example, pointing out that the TSA has the sole purpose of making Americans accustomed to the idea they are no longer in a free country. The pointing out that same TSA has done nothing that would even slightly inconvenience a real terrorist.

    Then I have shown how the “two party system” is a sham and that BHO is no different from GWB. I had planned to attend a family event there this year, but I am having doubts about the wisdom of that.

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