Refining my world view

24 Jul

All throughout growing up I’ve been refining my world view. Over the years it has undergone numerous changes and modifications. I’m always trying to adjust things to see how I can better make my explanations fit why the world is the way it is. Until now, the biggest shift in my worldview came when I realized that, to many, objective, independent reality doesn’t exist or matter. With this new lens I could better understand why some people, especially conservative politicians, act the way they act.

The epiphany I had recently revolves around super-organisms. The Amazing Atheist explains it pretty well right here in this clip talking about CISPA. Skip to 4:34 to get to the relevant part.


TAA uses the example of cointelpro and Watergate as examples of how people don’t care when individuals get fucked over, but they do care when super-organisms clash. Right now the news is full of stories about the Penn State child rape scandal. Penn State university covered up decades of child rape because it was attempting to protect its brand name. Now that the whole thing has blown up on them, all everyone seems to be talking about is the football program. What about the children who were raped? Nobody gives a shit. Why? Because Penn State is a super-organism and they only care about how that super-organism interacts with other super-organisms.

This biggest way this impacts my world view is in how I see political change, or rather the difficulty of political change. Everyone is just a cog in a semi-self aware machine. We are the system that oppresses us. We can elect politicians who can attempt to change the machine, but most often even they are unable to do so.  The system will continue to act on its own will. This really speaks to the powerlessness of the individual in our society.  If even the president is powerless to a degree to affect change on the system, what chance do you have of changing anything?

One Response to “Refining my world view”

  1. Mister_Higgins July 26, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    Change the game. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the political system is flawed, nor the reasons why it is flawed. You have organizations with too much power who influence those who make the decisions. Those who upset the system are taken down by it with whatever they have in their past or are currently doing. The politicians who may be able to help are shamed out of it. What is the solution? Honesty and integrity. If a politician were to come clean about everything morally and legally questionable then it would not give the detractors a means to control him or her. If the public sees that, understands why the politician is doing what he or she is doing, then no amount of fabrication or detraction will be able to convince the public not to elect them. After all, wouldn’t you vote for an honest politician?

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