Religion flash cards!

26 Apr

So I came up with another business idea last week. Religion flash cards! I don’t debate with theists anymore about religion, for the same reason I don’t debate with children about the existence of Santa, but there are still plenty of people out there that enjoy debates.

Atheists as a whole tend to be much more knowledgeable of the various religions. This is due to several different factors, but mostly because the average person who deconverts to atheism did so after having taken the time and effort to fully explore the realm of religion and to educate themselves on what the various faiths say.

But for all the atheists out there that might only have a cursory knowledge of other religions, I’m developing these flash cards to help them study and improve their knowledge for debates.

The problem I’ve run into is that this sounds simple on the outside, but once you get started trying to write flash cards, it’s a giant tsunami of information. It took me several days just to get through Judaism. I wanted to cover the main aspects of a religion, but also wanted to cover important details that people could use in debates. I quickly found myself bogged down in making flash cards aimed at precise biblical stories, rather than overarching themes of a religions.

I’ve tried to restructure, but it’s still difficult. Christianity alone has so many denominations, it’s ridiculous. I could make an entire deck of flash cards just on Catholicism alone!

I figure I’ll cover the major themes of each of the major religions, and then I’ll create a separate section on debate material. This whole thing is painstakingly slow…

One of the things that really stood out to me while writing down these flash cards was just how absurd some of the views are. I knew they were there, that’s partly what led me to be an atheist, but doing this is letting me rediscover them. I find myself pausing to ask “Do people really believe this stuff?!? That’s sick!”

Hopefully the cards and the knowledge they’re attempting to imbue will have the same affect on any readers.

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