Liberal strategy and the moral high ground

22 Feb

I feel like the strategy of most left leaning political ideologies revolves around being a martyr in the hopes that your martyrdom will inspire the general public to act on your behalf.

For example: The occupy movement. Everyone insists on keeping the protests peaceful, especially when the state cracks down hard on the media and protesters. They hope that somehow images of police beating and pepper spraying the elderly, students, and pregnant women will inspire the average American to get up off the couch and join them.

Their whole strategy revolves around winning the sympathy of the general public. Whenever anyone in their ranks acts or suggests violence, everyone is quick to try and silence that individual for fear of losing victim status and by extension public support.

But here’s what bothers me: What if the public doesn’t give a shit?

Seriously, how does this victim strategy work if the public doesn’t care? What if people are too invested in the system, too afraid of uncertainty, and they tune you out, change the channel, or skip to the sports section of the newspaper?

The entire strategy falls apart. Instead you just become a doormat for the state. You are willingly lying down to get stomped on. How convenient!

Over the years I’ve grown increasingly more disillusioned and cynical with regards to the possibility of general public ever acting.

I just feel that no matter what happens, the majority of people are, at best, just going to ignore you and, at worst, will actively defend their masters. Just the other day my parents were talking about how much damage the occupy movement has done. All I could think to myself was “Here are people who are fighting to free you from an oppressive society, and you’re recoiling from your freedom.”

So if that’s the case, what’s the point? What does it matter if you have the “moral high ground” or not? The people you’re trying so desperately to please have already decided they don’t care or like you.

Fuck what the public thinks. They’ve chosen their fate.

But on the other hand, armed uprising seems futile. If there’s one thing the state has perfected, it’s violence. In an age of 24/7 surveillance, predator drones, and a willing public of fearful slaves, there’s no possible way you can out-violence the state.

So what is there to do?

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