People get the government [the majority of them] deserve.

13 Jan

I’ve always felt that a people get the government that the majority of them deserve. By extension, you can tell a lot about the majority of a people just by looking at their government. Unfortunately, a quick glance at the US government revels that the majority of Americans are ignorant, apathetic, fickle, and/or insane.

Yet this is not just isolated to America. Plenty of countries around the world are led by crazy people. There is just something about power that is an irresistible magnet for evil and mentally maladjusted individuals. You can see this on all levels, from as small as cult leaders, up to the leader of a nation.

Why do we allow these people to run for office, much less get elected to it? Because the majority of humanity is ignorant/apathetic/fickle/crazy themselves.

With this in mind, you can reverse it and find a healthy society. Look around the world for a country where the leaders aren’t crazy, where the government isn’t oppressive and honestly tries to better the lives of the citizens. There you will find a society where fewer people are ignorant/apathetic/fickle/insane. There they don’t tolerate transgressions on the part of their politicians.

Every once in a while the non-ignorant/apathetic/fickle/insane elements of a society will rise up to try and oust the crazy (like we’ve seen in the Arab Spring), but unfortunately too often enough, the rest of society doesn’t join the fight and the rebels lose.

The majority might complain about the government, but they are ultimately complicit in their own enslavement.

What about me? I’m trying to get the hell out of the US. Why don’t I stay and fight with the rest of the minority that isn’t ignorant/apathetic/fickle/insane.

Simple. I don’t believe you can win. I don’t believe you can stop the majority of people from getting what is coming to them. Their Orwellian enslavement is inevitable. I have one life to live. I don’t want to waste it fighting a pointless battle. I’m off to find a place where people don’t allow crazy people to rule them.

It is very well possible that there is no such place. If that’s true, then what does that say about humanity? If it’s true that there is no such place, that humanity in general is ignorant/apathetic/fickle/insane then there is no hope. It would only further reinforce my reasons for not sticking around.

There is a quote from the movie Der Untergang (Downfall) about Hitler’s last days in his bunker that has always stuck with me in regards to this topic:

Goebbels informs Mohnke that he has no pity for [the people], adding, “The German people chose their fate and now their little throats are being cut.”

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