Everything that is good is bad and everything that is bad is good.

1 Nov

We’re all on a lifelong journey to figure this world out. Our experiences help us to construct a lens through which to see the world. 

Screw it. I’ve been trying to write and rewrite this intro for too long. I’ll get to the point.

I’ve refined my world view. Things start to make more sense to me when I look at the world in this new light. What is this revelation? As the title says:

Everything that is good is bad and everything that is bad is good

In my previous liberal mindset I thought that good meant taking care of one another, feeding the homeless, protecting each other’s rights to peaceably disagree and express that disagreement. I thought war was bad and that the government shouldn’t be killing people. I thought it was important to protect the privacy of adults and what they do in their own homes with their own bodies, be that smoking marijuana or having abortions. I felt that science was a good thing in that it often produced tangible benefits that improved the quality of life for millions. I felt that religion and superstition were bad in that they often exacerbated “problems” like suffering, oppression, and ignorance.

I believed in the axiom that pain and suffering were bad and that happiness and “freedom” (what that word used to mean) were good and that this was self-evident.

While I still strongly believe these things, I’ve come the the realization that I’m apparently deluded. You see, the world makes a lot more sense when the opposite is true. It would definitely explain a lot more things.

What caused this realization? I had an epiphany at the local Unitarian Universalist church the other Sunday. The reverend was speaking about different views of god and how many people have a childish view of god as a man in the sky who watches over them. He also spoke about how many of these people have a very myopic “just world” view.

It was then that everything clicked. I suddenly understood why conservatives seemed to be against everything I held as “good.”

If you hold that the world is inherently just, then good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. Sooooo, somebody who is obscenely rich has to be obscenely good, and someone who is filthy poor must be a filthy individual.  The rich and powerful are always good because if they weren’t good then they wouldn’t be so rich and powerful! The poor and disenfranchised are always bad because they obviously did something to deserve it! (Circular logic much?) Get a fucking job!

What? There are no jobs because the people at the top gambled with the world’s economy and fucked us all? Does not compute!!! Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! Just get a fucking job you fucking slob! If you work three minimum wage jobs and still can’t get by, then there is obviously something wrong with you! Work harder! Get a fourth you lazy son of a bitch!

But seriously, if you step out side of the world for a moment and look at it with the lens that everything that is “good” from a liberal perspective is actual bad, and vice versa, and that money+power=”goodness” then everything suddenly starts to make sense.

Suddenly unchecked capitalism looks like a beautiful thing, even as the environment and people’s health are turned into commodities. Any law aimed at restricting the powerful and rich is suddenly evil in its very nature. Any action taken to make life harder on the poor and powerless is then admissible for they are demonstratively deserving of such hardship for whatever moral failings caused them to be poor and powerless in the first place.

Think about it.

One Response to “Everything that is good is bad and everything that is bad is good.”

  1. human32826 November 1, 2011 at 6:01 pm #

    Now you’ve gotten it!,…I just wish I was a good person because my kids are starving,..and we are going to loose everything soon,..well I guess that’s my stupid fault too,..shouldn’t of had kids with my regular job,..and that’s what perpetuates poverty us ignorant peeple.

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