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A return from my hiatus

24 Oct

Hello again everybody. As you can tell, I’ve been taking a long break from my blog. I got fired a little over two months ago and my world has been turned upside down yet again.

A brief overview of what’ been going on in my life:

At the time I lost my lob, my girlfriend had moved in with me, along with her friend. Their lease had run up and they had nowhere to go. This was really fortunate since it’s a lot rougher to face these shakeups alone. Well the friend managed to find a place of her own and moved out, but the girlfriend stayed. She’ll move out once she finds a job, but both of us are having trouble finding that.

I decided to retool and go for a tech industry job. I’m not sure exactly what I’d like to do, but I went and got my A+ Certification in order to be a computer technician. I studied my ass off for a bit over a week and managed to pass both tests. I have been hoping that would help me find a job, but as of yet I still have had no luck.

I still want to move out of the country, though now my heart is set on Australia. I know, I know, I keep changing my mind. I can’t help it. I get new information, and that influences my decision.  The new information this time was the updated Human Development Index scores for 2010, showing Australia as the second best country on the planet for human development, only a fraction behind Norway. It beat out the US by .035 and the Netherlands by .051, plus, they’ve got great beaches and are a world away from all the troubles going on in the northern hemisphere.

I want to get back to writing about religion/politics/etc, though part of me doesn’t see the point. I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. Worst case scenario, this blog can still act as a catharsis for me.

Oh! Our local Coalition of Reason has a billboard coming up in November. I get to be webmaster for the group, which is exciting, but I need to get on that. It will be interesting to see if what type of death threats/hate mail we get.

I feel very scatter brained at the moment. I’m trying to refocus my life priorites. So far, here’s my list of priorities in order of importance:

  1. Get a real job. I will be sunk in less than 2 months if I can’t find an income.
  2. Move to Australia (I would do a working holiday option to get my foot in the door, but I can’t even afford a plane ticket at the moment, hence finding a job being #1)
  3. Continue to lose weight
More to come, just wanted to say that I’m back.