Conservatives and attack legislation

24 Mar

Something I’ve noticed about conservatives: They have no qualms using their power for pursuing political vendettas. What do I mean by that? Well look at NPR, the last bastion of independent, objective, and civil news. It has a wide variety of extremely educational programing. Unfortunately reality has a liberal bias. (Conservatives deny that reality exists so to them they just see the liberal bias despite the fact that the numbers and evidence side with liberals) And so the conservatives are on a war path to kill NPR. They feel it’s liberal and so it must die. They seem to do this with any program they feel isn’t conservative enough.

Yet the funniest thing is how they act when liberals even think about doing something similar. They throw the biggest fit and cry foul! It’s fucking hilarious, those disingenuous bastards. Why can conservatives get away with this and not liberals? Human inertia again…

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