Conservatives and cognitive dissonance

22 Feb

Long ago I came to the conclusion that by in large many conservatives have no problem with cognitive dissonance. It’s like hypocrisy is the new black.

Some examples?

Conservatives love to claim they’re all about personal liberty and defending the constitution. You would expect that following that they would be staunch opponents of anyone who sought to violate the constitution…right? That would make logical sense.

Well the other Saturday Ann Coulter, the darling of the right, spoke at CPAC, a huge right wing convention where she said “there should be more jailed journalists.” Now, one would expect a crowd of staunch personal liberty/constitution supporters to have shouted her off stage. Right? That would make sense. After all, jailing journalists is antithetical to the first amendment freedom of speech and just reeks of a totalitarian regime where personal liberty doesn’t exist. But you guessed it, and like you can see from the video, they gave her a roaring applause.

Or how about the conservative stance on personal liberty and how it relates to abortion, healthcare, and the death penalty? When liberals wanted a public option to create more competition in the market of healthcare (another thing conservatives claim to be all in favor of) the right went ballistic. They invented out of whole cloth the idea that the government would be making people’s health decisions for them, and boy how their blood did boil. They stood there with their stupid signs screaming about government intervention in their private health and then would turn around and tell you with s a straight face that they wanted big government to control women’s bodies and what a healthcare procedures a woman would have access to.

Abortion is one of their favorite topics. Ignoring the obvious hypocrisy of wanting big government to control women, they want to force the woman to have an unwanted child. They froth at the mouth about making the woman have the child, but they’re nowhere to be found when she finally does have the baby. They’re exactly like the dead beat boyfriends or rapists who got the women pregnant in the first place. When it comes time to be financially responsible for the upbringing of this child, they skip town.

Instead, the unwanted child grows up in a broken and unloving home where they inevitably turn to a life of crime. The conservatives then spend even more money on the prison system to jail the criminals they fought so hard to make sure were born. If they do anything really bad, the conservatives then want big government to step in and execute a private citizen. They’ve now gone full circle from wanting small government and life to wanting big government and death.  Just keep in mind, hypocrisy is the new black.

2 Responses to “Conservatives and cognitive dissonance”

  1. greengeekgirl February 25, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

    Not to mention, trying to make abortion illegal is basically forcing us to conform to religious morals, which is also anti-constitution…..

  2. mondomike August 11, 2012 at 5:28 am #

    …or the fact that once that “precious” fetus becomes a full-fledged human, said human
    becomes cannon fodder for more crazy Republican wars and the sanctity of life disappears down another GOP rabbit hole. The only time life has meaning to these thugs is when it’s in the womb, or if the life is their own.

    These clowns are almost totally anti-Constitutional. They meander along aimlessly declaring their undying devotion to “State’s Rights,” and then they run right out and infringe on states rights ‘serially!’

    They co-opt religion into their spiel simply to bamboozle church goers into voting for them. The Bush White House Advisers called them “nuts and goofy,” and the Abramoff Crime Syndicate called them “wacko,” then these “wacko, nuts and goofy’ people run out and vote for the people that call them “wacko, nuts and goofy!”

    These people object to their own ideas, vote against their own ideas and generally don’t care about anything but defeating ‘the black guy’ that’s our President, take total control of the government and recreate it in their own sick self-image. Most of the time they won’t even call him “President” Obama, it’s just Obama! Their so-called “Obamacare” came right out of the Republican playbook, just ask The Heritage Foundation(another hack organization that pretends NOT to be just GOP think tank, framing arguments to suit the Republican con game! Romney has his own version that he doesn’t want to talk about!

    Conservatism/Republicanism is all about “Cognitive Dissonance, Psychotic Belief, Hypocrisy and Abject Denial”…oops, I forgot puppeteering and shepherding, above all, puppeteering and shepherding!

    They hang on every word from the OXYviagraCLOWN, and when they can’t plug into him, they plug into Kneel BOREtz, sean hammity or Glen sBECK. If they aren’t available for a brain download, they flock to worldNUTdaily, newsmacks, CNSnooze and of course their very own “fair and balanced” download channel along with a host of other shepherding and puppeteering sites that ooze cognitive dissonance, psychotic belief, abject denial with which to fill their empty noggins! Occasionally I give a short listen to the OXYviagraCLOWN sheep show, and to anyone that has any actual (as in “REAL and TRUTHFUL”) knowledge of current events and American History know this guy is doing nothing more than spewing far-flung cow pies in order to gain audience. The bozo will say anything…YES, ANYTHING, no matter how hateful, crazy, untrue or otherwise to draw attention to himself and his show because ALL HE’S ABOUT IS rakin’ in the cash.

    Anyway, the cognitive dissonance, psychotic belief, denial, hate, division and lies that ooze from these clowns is, uh, palpable…

    Hey, I’m just sayin’….

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