Current life goals

19 Dec

So as some of my friends know, I just recently got my first real job. I started yesterday and so far I love it.  For the longest time I was utterly depressed about my situation. I felt like I was condemned to living in the movie Groundhog’s Day. For months every day was the same lonely routine with no sense of direction, interrupted once or twice a month by get-togethers with my local atheist group which was, as pathetic as it sounds, the only times I felt happy and like I belonged. I felt like if I did manage to find a job, it would be yet another minimum wage job usually done by highschoolers. I imagined being damned to a life of always working highschooler jobs.

Well now that’s changed and I’m ecstatic. I’ve made the leap from service jobs into office jobs. I don’t have to do any physical labor, I sit in a nice comfy chair in a beautiful building, and get paid more than if I worked at a store. With my adult life finally starting to take off, it’s time for me to re-evaluate my goals.

Short Term Goals

1. Get my own place. This is my most immediate goal. Realistically I aim to have this happen by February. I need to figure out my budget, build a financial buffer for safety, and then find a good apartment. Ideally I’d like to find a 1 bedroom apartment with a gym on site or near by. I’ve really wanted this for ages. I still haven’t full absorbed the fact that it’s finally going to happen. It’s crucial for me to keep developing, and for women to seriously consider dating me. ~_^ “Yeah, I live with my parents” = instant fail. I’ve also been day dreaming for years about how I’m going to decorate my apartment. I always hated how messy my house was at college. I would always try to pick up and make it look like adults lived there, but inevitably my housemates would drag it back down into the realm of “giant man children live here and can’t pick up after themselves.” I’ve got a bunch of pictures and other pieces of art in storage that I can’t wait to set up in my new place. I want it to look like a cultured anthropologist’s apartment. (Something like Daniel Jackson’s place in SG-1)

(Click to enlarge)

2. Lose 10 pounds. Mainly for my health and happiness, but also wouldn’t hurt in finding somebody.

3. Set up savings accounts that will help me achieve my long term goals. The sooner I start saving the better. Once I get my apartment I plan on automatically adding 5% of my income to an IRA. I then need to set up other saving accounts that will help me achieve mid-range goals.

Mid-longer range goals:

1. Find somebody. I’m not a fan of being alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I need to be with somebody to be happy, I don’t, it’s just that I would like somebody to share my life with. I count this as a midrange goal simply because it’s not necessary that I date some right at this moment. If I found the right person then I would be interested in dating them now, but it’s not urgent. I know what I’m looking for, so I don’t mind taking my time. Ideally I would like to find a woman who is witty, intelligent, well educated, liberal, feminist, passionate atheist, a geek,  blogger, who wants to travel,  and enjoys art. Age isn’t too important. That’s only half the problem. The other half  is finding a woman like this in South Carolina who is available and interested dating me. :p (I dare say that’s the harder part)

2. Move out of the United States, or at least to some place more liberal than South Carolina. My entire life I’ve lived in conservative areas of the United States. I hate it. I hate it with a passion. I’m tired of the bigotry, the religiosity, and the thick air of sexual repression and gender determinism. I really want to move to a place where people don’t have a stick shoved nearly as far up their asses. Ideally I’d like to live in one of the northern countries in Europe, but I’d settle for Canada or a dark blue part of the US. (Though I’m throughly convinced this country is absolutely fucked and is about to go through a very dark period of social and economic regression)

3. Build my own house. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a little kid. When I spent summers at my grandmother’s house I would bide my time with drawing up floor plans for my castle home. I had an elaborate idea of exactly what I wanted. I remember at age 12 telling my parents that I was going to live in the back of a truck and avoid women as a way of cutting down on expenses in order to save up and build my castle home. (I know, I know…I was 12, cut me some slack) ~_^ Growing up I played games like Thief 2, Oblivion, and Diablo and fell in love with medieval inspired interiors.

(Click to enlarge)

I think it would be so amazing to have a warm and cozy house like this. It’s my goal to build one with my own hands. I would of course put in all the modern amenities, but I would do so in a way that it would keep the ambiance intact. There is actually a family in Wales, UK that did something like this. Their house is beautiful!

4. Expand my art business.  Yesterday I made my first sale! I really love creating things and experimenting with art mediums; I want to expand upon this and make it more central to my life.

5. Lose 50lbs. This ties in with my short term goal of losing 10lbs. I figure it will be a lot easier to do if I just try 10 lbs at a time.

6. Travel!!! Everywhere, anywhere. Right now on the top of my list is to go up to Canada and see the northern lights. That should be relatively easy considering I’m already on the right continent and I speak the language. The thing is, and this ties back in with #1, I’d really like to have someone to share these experiences with. Camping in the Canadian winter, under clear dark skies, seeing the northern lights and the milkyway, would be an amazing experience, but it would be even more amazing if I had somebody else who would appreciate it and share it with me.

7. Learn to fly. When I was a little kid I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Well I hate roller-coasters and my eyesight isn’t perfect, so that was  out. However, I then saw the movie “Fly Away Home” about a father and daughter team who have ultra-light planes and guide a flock of geese home to Canada and thought “That’s it! I want to build one of those!”

You can get the plans for planes like this for about $100 and they cost anywhere from $3k to $10k to build. Then add on the cost of some flying lessons and I can do it for less than the price of a new car. ^_^

Those are pretty much my main life goals at the moment. They’re subject to changing depending on what happens in my life and who I meet. I’ve got some smaller more trivial ones like buying my dream sword, getting an espresso machine, becoming fluent in German, and driving an electric car, but I won’t go into details about those.

5 Responses to “Current life goals”

  1. greengeekgirl December 19, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    We have many of the same goals! With the exception that I already found my lifemate.. to that, I just have to say, it’ll probably happen when and where you least expect it, heh.

    I’m trying to do the weight loss/get healthy thing, too; four years of clinical depression later and I’ve gained about 70 lbs (ouch!). Part of the reason I’m doing this raw food thing to get me started, and to wean me off of stuff like refined sugar. I despise the idea of dieting; it makes people crazy (literally! dieting makes people obsess about food) so my plan is to ramp up on healthy food and try to get away from the refined foods.

    I also would love to move out of the country… I like living in Ohio, actually, especially Columbus–the city itself (not as much the outskirts) is quite liberal. But I’d love to move to France, Spain, or Argentina. (Or New Zealand… mmm New Zealand–like that will happen.)

    It sounds like a good, fulfilling plan 😀

  2. godlesspaladin December 19, 2010 at 2:00 pm #

    New Zealand would be awesome, but I hear they have a pretty strict immigration policy since everyone wanted to move there after seeing Lord of the Rings…can’t say I blame them, the place is beautiful!

  3. Three Ninjas December 30, 2010 at 7:51 pm #

    Good luck to you!

    • godlesspaladin December 30, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

      Thanks Ninjas 🙂

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