Why I’m not voting in November

25 Oct

Hear me out before you respond with how I’m neglecting my civic duty.

I am not going to vote this November. It will be the first time I have ever not voted. Contrary to how this  might sound, civic engagement is very important to me and I am not apathetic about this. In the last presidential election I drove my friend home, four hours away, just so he could vote. In essence, I care. This is exactly why I am not voting this November. How the hell does that make sense? I’ll explain:

I am furious with the democrats in this country. I am furious with Obama. No matter how loud you scream, they just don’t understand; it’s like they’re in a sound proof bubble. This is where the three major political parties in America fall on the spectrum:

As you can see, the democrats are a center right party. The Obama administration is currently fighting against all types of liberal causes. They’re fighting the legalization of marijuana in California, they’ve fought against gay marriage (likening it to pedophilia), they continue to torture and extradite prisoners, the list goes on. Most importantly, however, is the fact that the democrats as a whole never miss an opportunity to cave to the republicans. I cannot stress this enough! Despite controlling the congress and the white house, the democrats collapse at the mere thought that they might hurt the republicans’ feelings. Obama (who idealizes Reagan btw) is notorious for compromising to the republicans. He’s a fucking imbecile for doing so because the republicans, knowing he’ll compromise at any cost in a desperate and misguided attempt to appear “bi-partisan”, then ask for the most insane shit!

A perfect analogy is haggling with a merchant. He starts with asking for 20, you say 10, he offers 15, you accept. The merchant was never expecting to get 20, he really wanted 15, but he knows how to play the game and so he asks for higher than he wants, knowing he’ll lower it to 15 and you’ll feel like you’re getting a deal. The republicans are doing the same thing! They know how to play Obama and the democrats to get what they want! That’s why everything the democrats pass is extremely watered down, if not slanted in favor of the republicans.

The rest of the progressive base sees this and we’re furious. But pay attention because this is the worst of it: Instead of comprehending what we’re upset about, the democrats see everyone’s anger and think it is because they are not conservative enough! It just makes my head want to explode! “Golly gee wilikers! The people are mad! Maybe we’re not being like the republicans enough!” And so they move farther to the right.

There is no way to get them to move towards the left. They have conceded in their hearts that the republicans are right, that they are un-American frauds, that to be liberal is to be a dangerous radical. You can hammer on their bubble till every bone in your body breaks, but they will not hear you. Even worse, Obama is disappointed in the base for being disappointed in him. That’s right, the elected democrats are chastising the progressive base because the base is mad with them.

But here is the central reason why I am refusing to vote, and this is very important. I will not let myself be blackmailed. That is exactly what the democrats are doing; they are blackmailing their base. You would think that if you threatened not to vote for a party, that party would be concerned about the reasons why you are not going to vote, but no. Instead the democrats respond with threats of their own. That’s right: they are threatening their own base! “You don’t have a choice! If you don’t vote for us, the republicans will win!”

Newsflash: you are the republicans. Liberals are offered two types of shit. One is to vote for the republicrats and the other is to vote for the flaming radioactive shit that is the tea party. But the democrats are wrong. I DO have a choice. Casting my vote for a democrat, even if cast in fear of the tea party, is still an endorsement of the democrats. I refuse to endorse them.

So no, I will not be voting this November. In effect my refusal to vote is in a way voting. There will be those who will completely not understand my reasons, no matter how simply I try to explain them, they will continue to accuse me of being apathetic and unpatriotic. In reality I am refusing to vote for exactly the opposite reasons.

A very valid question to ask of me is how I expect to change things by doing nothing. I would argue that I am not “doing nothing;” I am doing quite the opposite. My silence is my action, and hopefully if enough liberals remain silent in the face of this blackmail, that silence will be deafening.

I want the tea party to win by a landslide. I want Obama to crash and burn. I want the entire house of cards to come crashing down. As horrible as it is, the only way to save the liberal cause is to let this virus run it’s course. Only when this country is turned into a conservative theocratic hell-hole will people rise up in a liberal backlash. It’s the only way to shatter the democrats’ bubble and get us out of the conservative doldrums.

*** Edit***

I’m starting to think that last paragraph is a bit extreme. I don’t actually want the tea party to win by a landslide, that would be my worst nightmare come true, I just don’t know what else would jolt people into electing real progressives who do something other than cave to the republicans.

7 Responses to “Why I’m not voting in November”

  1. Matzpen October 25, 2010 at 4:33 pm #

    In control of Congress for four years and the White House as well for the last two, the Democrats not only have not delivered the goods, once again they have earned the moniker of “the world’s second-most enthusiastic corporate party.”

  2. ChristopherTK October 25, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

    The U.S. will limp along for a very long time. You will not live long enough to witness the opportunity for our nation to rise up following a collapse due to terrible leadership.

    People in the political-middle must do a better job of making their opinions heard.

  3. Greg Christopher October 26, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    Couldn’t agree with you more, dude.

    This is why I didnt even vote in 2008.

  4. Jason October 28, 2010 at 3:03 pm #

    Umm… que?
    This seems like a blast-from-the-past blog post from 2000, with the role of Clinton/Gore taken over by Obama. If a few thousand people in Florida didn’t think like this back then, we’d wouldn’t have had Bush, and likely no Iraq war and certainly not the Roberts court.
    It is simply not easy to enact any progressive policy changes. Not everyone with a (D) beside their name thinks alike, and some are very conservative. Policies get watered down more often because Democrats disagree among themselves than as a response to the Republican Wall Of No.
    Change is agonizingly slow, and the political process is ugly and dirty. Always has been. Still, the Democrats are not G.O.P. Lite. Like I said earlier, I’ve seen this kind of apathy already, and it led to Republican control of everything from 2000 – 2006, which I think is the main reason for our current economic problems, among other things.
    And holy shit I don’t hope the tea party wins anything, and certainly not to “save the liberal cause”.

  5. godlesspaladin October 28, 2010 at 4:33 pm #

    But I’m not doing this out of apathy, quite the opposite. Sure there are plenty of people who won’t vote because they don’t care, and I think that’s sad. I just feel that endorsing the democrats by voting for them is only going to spur on their drift to the right. And don’t get me wrong, I *loath* the tea party and think what they want to do is disastrous; but I also think most conservative/moderate democrats don’t fully comprehend what conservative cause is pushing for.

    Bush was bad, then everybody washed the aftertaste out of their mouth with Obama koolaid and have forgotten. Perhaps if they get a taste of it (and hopefully a short taste, lasting only between this election cyclce and the next)they will get fired up and start taking a stand for progressive values.

    At least that’s what I’m hoping. It’s a risk, and it might be extremely naive, but I still feel like I’m being blackmailed. What this does mean though is that if/when the republicrats are ousted from office, next primary cycle I have to push hard for actual progressives, people with spines and who are willing to shove it right back to the conservatives.

  6. stephanie/rememberearth July 29, 2011 at 3:04 am #

    AND THIS CONGRESS IS A DIRECT RESULT OF YOUR LACK OF PARTICIPATION! YOU AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU! THANKS BUNCHES! as you and people like you, gave us a worthless congress. same as nader v gore v bush. we generally state that republicans are a problem, but with “progressive” supporters like this who the fuck needs republicans and teabaggers. we have plenty of shills on our own! don’t vote, don’t have ANY right to complain period!

  7. godlesspaladin July 29, 2011 at 7:18 am #

    Stephanie, did you even bother to read the post, or did you just read the title and flip out? I’m guessing the later. My lack of participation? I was volunteering and going door to door before I could even vote! I’ve participated a hell of a lot more than any other average citizen. What I was trying to say that I was not going to be held hostage by a group of spineless pussies that call themselves progressives when in reality they cave to republican demands every single time. Democrats and republicans are the different sides of the same coin! But go ahead, keep voting for republicrats. I’m sure one of these days they’ll actually stand up for liberal values. Maybe. Yeah. Any day now…

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