Little atheist things that don’t fit separate posts

30 Sep

One of my little atheist related quirks is crossing out “One Nation Under God” off of any bills I come in contact with. I know it doesn’t really make a difference in the grand scheme of things, but it makes me happy and I’m enforcing the constitution. I have yet to have any cashier notice that every bill I had them has big black marks on it, and I’m waiting till one does so I can explain how it’s unconstitutional.

A while back I started taking a camera with me when I drove places around SC just to get pics of all the religious signs I pasted. I took a bunch on the highway, but they came out blurry, so unfortunately I don’t have as many as I’d like to show, but here are a few.

This one I call “The repent tent”. It’s about a mile away from my house. I think the people that own the property are hardcore crazies that do revivals and what not. The sign in the backs says “Holy ghost baptism, Holy Fear, Holy Jesus saves”….speak in complete sentences much?

This one is really hard to see. I tried to snap a bunch of pictures of it while moving, but the tree got into the way. It’s in downtown Columbia and reads “A perfect love drives out FEAR.  God is love. Come to me” yeah….

There are signs like this all over the place, on the sides of highways and inner city roads. They point you in the direction of a church. I have to wonder about the reason for them. Are they for people who are traveling, unfamiliar with the area, and suddenly go “oh man, I need to get to a church ASAP! Which way do I go?!?!”

Outside of churches there are often these yellow warning signs. Yellow signs like these on the roads are always there to alert you to be cautious of something. The intent of the sign is to warn you that there might be a lot of people pulling out of a church parking lot ahead, but I like to pretend it’s warning you of the church itself.

“daily shall God be praised”

A business sign with a christian fish on it.

I took those last too pictures because it’s not uncommon here in South Carolina for businesses to display the religion of the owner. From reading rants on Craig’s list about local businesses, apparently it’s also not uncommon for plumbers and the like to proselytize to you after doing work in your home. Many businesses also give discounts to people if they happen to be be the right type of christian. At first this bothered me, but then I realized it’s actual beneficial to me. By loudly associating your religion with your business, it helps me know what businesses to avoid. It makes it easy for me. You have your right to display your belief, and I have my right to refuse to do business with you.

One Response to “Little atheist things that don’t fit separate posts”

  1. Dan W October 11, 2010 at 1:38 am #

    I cross out “In God We Trust” on any bills I come in contact with and write the old motto, “E Pluribus Unum”, above the crossed out words.

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