Evolution has nothing to do with religion (or the lack thereof)

18 Aug

I usually try and stay away from talking about evolution on this blog. It’s been covered a million times over by other people. I really avoid it because of the people who argue against it. They are a special brand of crazy and a waste of time to try and communicate with. There are towering mountains of evidence for evolution that have been built up over centuries, but these people will have none of it, thus I don’t waste my time “debating” evolution. Yet more and more lately I’ve been running into people who like to equate evolution with atheism. Evolution has nothing to do with atheism. (Another reason I try and avoid it on this blog) Here, let me draw you a little chart:

You see, there are people who accept the theory of evolution as fact the same way they accept the theory of gravity, germ theory, and atomic theory as fact. (“Theory” in science is NOT the same “theory” used in everyday speech, it doesn’t mean “a guess”) Of these people who accept evolution, some are Christians, some are Atheists. It doesn’t matter what their positions on religion are, evolution has nothing to do with religion. What does the theory of gravity have to say on religion? Nothing. It doesn’t take a stance on religion.

But doesn’t evolution say god didn’t make us?  No, evolution says nothing on how we got here, that would be abiogensis. Evolution is a process. This process goes on every day right in front of our eyes. If you like evolution to a truck, natural selection is the engine. (There is a difference)

Here is a really simple analogy that we see every year: Football teams. How does a football team go from just a football team to super-bowl champions? They evolve. The games throughout the season are a form of natural selection. If a team wins, it moves up, if it doesn’t, it falls behind. The strongest and most skilled teams win and thus move up. There is nobody standing in the sky arbitrarily picking this team to move up and that team to move down. The teams battle it out and the ones that are more fit/skilled/talented move closer to the playoffs.

Going from just any football team to the superbowl is the process of evolution. Winning games (natural selection) is what makes that process exist.

We see this same simple process everywhere. It’s in medicine, in the market place (capitalism anyone? Well marketed ideas make money, poor ones die out), in politics, in science, and in nature. Anywhere this is competition there is evolution. It has nothing to do with religion, just like the superbowl analogy has nothing to do with religion. Yet despite this there are people who insist on linking the two together.

If you really want to learn something check out the “made easy” videos.

Natural Selection made easy

Evolution made easy

6 Responses to “Evolution has nothing to do with religion (or the lack thereof)”

  1. wordsfromawoman August 18, 2010 at 1:44 pm #

    I’d be keen on hearing from/about Christians, particularly the Christian scientists, who accept evolution and how they manage to reconcile this with their faith.

    • joseph c March 11, 2013 at 1:48 pm #

      no need to reconcile it with there faith since it doesn’t actually contradict creationism. if a person thinks that it does then they probably don’t have a full understanding of something

  2. godlesspaladin August 18, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    My understanding is that they either compartmentalize their realities, or try and claim that while evolution is a well documented and natural phenomenon, god magically started the whole thing off.

  3. derek August 20, 2010 at 5:54 pm #

    sorry, just happened to stumble on the website and this blog. just had to mention that what you give as an example is not evolution. evolution ( the change of one separate species to another totally separate species) has not been proven. many “evolutionists” themselves agree. darwin himself said that he expected the fossil record to supply many missing links, but the few that have been found are hotly debated by many scientists, not just creationists. the example of the football team, and the more common one of the moths changing color in the industrial revolution in england are not examples of evolution. the moths are still the same kind of moths, just different percentages of light to dark moths. same with the football team. a better team, yes. but it did not change to a baseball team. for example, if all people were to die but redheads, that would be a population shift, but not speciation. they would still be humans. anyways, something to think about.

    • joseph c March 11, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

      i happened to notice your comment and noticed that you don’t seem to have a correct understanding of evolution. evolution is not defined as the change of one separate species to another totally separate species. evolution is a gradual change that happens from one generation to another. it is not a complete genetic makeover of an organism. the moths gradually changing color from generation to generation is a great example of evolution.
      if you want a good source that explains the scientific theory of evolution(scientific theory is very different then the word theory)you can go to http://evolution.berkeley.edu/evosite/evo101/index.shtml

  4. godlesspaladin August 20, 2010 at 6:32 pm #

    Hey Derek, thanks for the comment, though you’re wrong on your definition of evolution. What you describe (one species turning into another species) is macro evolution as opposed to the football team and moths (micro evolution).If you bothered to watch the videos on the subject, you would see that we do in fact have evidence for macro evolution, but this type of evolution occurs over thousands if not millions of years, unlike the moths, football team, or the seasonal flu.

    As for the “hot debate” this is actually a myth drummed up by creationists. There is no “debate”. The rest of the scientific world accepted this and moved on over a hundred years ago, it’s only in backwater parts of America that people still think there is a “debate”.

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