New fish decal

14 Aug

For the longest time I had one of those Darwin fish on my car. I eventually started to realize that this was counter productive. Theists would see “Darwin” and the fish with feet and think I thought Darwin was god. Thus I endeavored to make myself a new fish, partly because I wanted to, and partly because I hate to spend money buying something that I can reasonably do myself. This is what I finally banged out:

I originally spent hours trying to cut out this image from a plate of stainless steel. It looked really rough and I didn’t much care for it; then my coke can gave me an idea. The aluminum in my soda can would not rust, and was much easier to work with. I then went to walmart and bought one of those cheap “God bless America” ribbon magnets (*barf*) and cut it up to glue onto the back of my new fish decal. Hopefully it’ll stay on and if somebody decides to break “Thou shalt not steal”, like they did some of my other magnets, I can easily make a new one.

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