The dangers of a god based morality

11 Jul

I have a feeling the majority of people know that they don’t need a god to be good. They know that killing, lying, and stealing were wrong long before it was written in the ten commandments.  There are, however, people out there that feel that without a god telling you something is wrong you couldn’t make that decision yourself, or that it would be worthless. These people really scare me. They live by a completely god based reality. Whatever their god says is right is right, whatever it says is wrong is wrong. If the their holy book said “Blessed is the one who sacrifices puppies to me” then you can be damn sure they’d be killing Fido every Sunday. To these people who live by a god centric morality the only thing that keeps them from killing, raping, and stealing, is that they think an invisible man in the sky will punish them for it. To admit that you wouldn’t do these things even if you knew for sure there was no god would be to admit that morals don’t come from a “holy” book.

To exacerbate this problem, many of the people who do believe in the god-centric form of morality subscribe to the iron age desert god of the bible. Some will say “oh, but god is love!” but if you read the bible you will quickly run into atrocity after atrocity. There is a lot of morally repugnant things god does in there. He commands blood sacrifices, forces abortions, condones incest, commits a number of genocides, the list goes on. The value he places on an individuals life is pretty low.  Apologists have spent centuries trying to work out complicated explanations for why god does some of these horrible things. Yet despite all their complicated answers, the simplest one is true: the god of the bible is the creation of numerous men from various iron age cultures. They wrote their views into the bible and created a god in their image, their misogynistic bloodthirsty image.  The old testament just reads like a laundry list of who’s beating up on the Jews, and how they’re all going to die because of it. The god is envious, paranoid, and egotistical, just like the men who created him.  Now take a character like this and apply his “morality” onto the world in the 21st century. You have a recipe for disaster, and indeed that’s what we see everyday. In the past century we’ve developed the technology needed to exterminate all life on the planet many times over. Can we really afford to entertain people who still hold iron age views on morality?

3 Responses to “The dangers of a god based morality”

  1. Kathryn Leigh July 11, 2010 at 2:57 am #

    Where, then, do you suggest morality comes from? Can there be a right & a wrong without God? I can appreciate struggles with understanding the God of the Bible, but I’m not sure that there can be an absolute right & a wrong without Him (or at least some supreme deity). All of morality is subjective without God.

  2. lbolm July 11, 2010 at 3:45 am #

    What you need to realize, is that BEFORE the “Bible” or “Torah” was given to Moses on the Mountain, mankind was already living in certain “morals”, WITHOUT, a written word and without the “10 Commandments”.

    Now this may be hard for you to swallow, since you say you don’t believe in “god”, but just where do you suppose that a man or woman gets their “right or wrong ideals” from ?

    Did man just “out of the blue” decide, “OK, I don’t think I should do this or that, it may be wrong”.
    After all, how did “mankind” KNOW “right from wrong”, unless someone with that KNOWLEDGE, give it to him ?
    You claim that “man made up god”, BUT, you are making your self to be “god” by deciding your version of “right or wrong”. After all, one man’s belief in what is right, and another man’s belief in what is right, may not be in agreement at all.
    SO, which one is right ?

    There is only one “Right” ! That is based on the values of The True and Living LORD, YHWH.
    Examine these Truths, and see if they aren’t “right”.
    Love in Yahushua, Christ Jesus
    Pastor Jake

  3. godlesspaladin July 11, 2010 at 9:18 am #

    Pastor Jake, please lay off the caps, shouting may work to woo your flock, but it doesn’t translate into charisma over the internet. And please, stop trying to claim that atheists view themselves as god. Trying to paint us as hedonistic, unmoral egocentrics is just not true. Look, if either one of you is serious about actually having a rational discussion on the issue then I’ll have it, but if you’re just going to shout platitudes and leave, then I’m not going to waste my time.

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