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God is a lazy bitch

20 Jun

How come god always need some idiot down  here on earth to do his dirty work? If you’re all powerful, get off your ass and come do it yourself. Why is it god always needs men to carry out his bidding. A woman needs to be stoned for being raped? Why can’t god just zap her dead? Nope, men have to get the stones and kill her. A cartoonist needs to die because he made fun of the prophet? God can’t do it, he’s busy with other stuff, so send a mob of angry men after them. If I was one of god’s follower’s I’d be pretty pissed. How come I have to do all the work all the time? Why can’t you carry out your own damn will? Oh, you created the universe? Whoopy doo. If you’re all powerful I bet you didn’t even break a sweat. The difficulty to ability ratio is way off for god. If he can do anything, his ability will infinity outweigh the difficulty. But to protest science being taught in schools or to blow up an abortion clinic, well that takes effort on behalf of believers. It’s completely unfair. Get off your lazy ass and start smiting people!