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Not good for my health

1 Jun

Being stuck down here in South Carolina is not good for my health. It’s almost 6 am and the sun is starting to dawn on yet another sleepless night. I think it’s something like my fourth sleepless night in a row? I’ve lost count. I’m becoming a vampire. I sleep all day, and I’m up all night. I think it’s partly the depression, partly the fact that I just have nothing to do. I really badly miss my friends. I’m extremely lonely here. The internet and computer games can only pacify me so much. After I get bored I’m just stuck in this room going insane. I have almost nobody to talk to, and the people I do talk to I have to bug to talk to me. They’re hardly the ones who pop on to see how I’m doing. I guess they’re busy with their lives. I really need a job, I really need my friends back. Loneliness is my biggest fear and there is no escaping it down here…