Your religion doesn’t apply to me

20 May

In retrospect over the first annual “Draw Muhammad Day” it occurred to me that one of the fundamental problems with some people is that they expect their religion applies to other people. “I’m a muslim, therefore you cannot draw Muhammad.” “I’m a christian, therefore you cannot buy certain things before I get out of church.”

It’s ridiculous. Your religion applies to you and only you. It, and its laws, do not apply to anyone who does not subscribe to your set of beliefs. “Oh, GP, what about murder? My religion says “thou shall not kill* ”  is it alright then for you to go around killing people?

No, because I ascribe to a country which has laws prohibiting murder. (Not that I need a law to keep me from doing it)  A lot of countries have the same types of laws. However, just like in religions, one country’s laws do not apply in another country. It would be ridiculous for someone from Iran to come over to the US and try to enforce the ban on dancing. This is not their country, they have no right to try and enforce their laws here. The same is true of religious people trying to enforce their religious laws on other people. Everyone should see it for how ridiculous it is.

*except when I feel I’m doing god’s work

2 Responses to “Your religion doesn’t apply to me”

  1. Master Higgins May 26, 2010 at 12:21 pm #

    What about respect that people ought to have for various religions? One of the reasons why I didn’t participate in Draw Muhammad Day was not out of the idea of religious freedom but a respect I have for Islam. While I believe that it is anyone’s right to express themselves, but to do something specifically because it is considered to be taboo in a religion is disrespectful. I don’t think that it is so much that “I am Muslim, therefore you can’t draw Muhammad”, it is more of “I am a human being, aren’t I entitled to the same respect for my beliefs as you are?”. Just my thoughts Paladin.

  2. godlesspaladin May 26, 2010 at 3:13 pm #

    True, but the people who were the target of “Draw Muhammad Day” are those who feel that drawing Muhammad is beyond disrespectful, it’s a crime that needs to be punished by execution. Yeah, it’s fine to think that something is disrespectful and to think less of the people doing it, you can think whatever you want, but when you then take that and then murder other people, and threaten to murder other people, simply because you were offended, that’s going way way too far. They whole point of DMD was to show these barbarians that we won’t bend to their threats and violence. If a couple million Muslims are insulted, sorry your feelings were hurt over a cartoon.

    The problem is, free speech and the right to draw whatever the hell you want, including Muhammad, is just as sacred to western society as Muhammad is to these fanatics. We then get the situation of “if they draw it, millions of Muslims will be offended. If artists are banned from drawing it, you then offend millions of westerners by directly attacking free speech.” No matter what, somebody’s going to be unhappy.

    I obviously strongly side with the artists. Without free speech, our society couldn’t function as it does. All advancement would stop and we’d revert back to the middle ages….sounds a lot like the places where these anti-free speech fanatics come from.

    But this gets to a larger issue, namely, respect for religion. I can respect individuals, that’s fine, but I won’t respect an idea and shield it from criticism simply because it’s held dearly by millions of people. To do that is not only wrong, but dangerous.

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