It’s bad to have an opinion, worse to have a strong one.

28 Apr

If there is one thing I’ve learned from people, it’s that having an opinion is a bad thing. It’s even worse if you have a strong opinion. The stronger the opinion, the worse it is. Apathy is what’s cool. Not giving a shit is what’s cool. Hey man, it’s all good, relax, just go with the flow, why bother? Fuck that and fuck you. Go ahead, float through life without a care in the world, just take whatever injustice comes your way lying down. You can’t be bothered to care. As long as you’re entertained you’re happy, no matter what they do to you or your rights. Well guess what buddy, you sir are a slave to people who do care. It is people who actually give a fuck and will get off their ass that control the world. If you don’t mind people fucking you over, then don’t complain. You disgust me.

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