Arizona demands papers for illegals

24 Apr

Arizona’s republican Gov. Jan Brewer just signed a bill allowing Arizona police officers to demand immigration papers for anyone they suspect of being an illegal.

The Govenor says she won’t tolerate racial profiling, but tell me, how do you expect this to go? Who are the illegal immigrants? They’re Hispanics from south of the border. Say police pull over John Doe, a white man, for speeding. Are they going to bother to ask him for his immigration papers or proof of citizenship? No! Of Course not! Why would they? He’s white! White people don’t come from south of the border, so he can’t be an illegal.

Now take the same situation, but instead of a white guy, say the cops pull over a Latino for speeding. Ut-oh, he’s the same ethnicity as all those illegals coming in from south of the border. Are they going to ask him for his papers? YES! There is no possible way that this will NOT turn into racial profiling. In effect, the republican governor is saying that an entire ethnicity must carry identification papers with them at all times. Gee… Where else in history has an entire ethnicity been forced to carry identification papers at all times?

Thank you Arizona republicans, you’ve just handed over the fastest growing population in America to the Democrats.

One Response to “Arizona demands papers for illegals”

  1. Immigration Data June 25, 2010 at 7:05 am #

    Interesting…I’m following your rss.

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