Atheism and dating

8 Apr

Being a single Atheist really sucks. For most people, when you’re looking for a partner, you have half the population available. There are currently around 310 million people in the US, so around 155 million of them are of the opposite sex. (I know the numbers are not exact, women make up 52% of the population and that number doesn’t factor out the old and young, or mentally handicap, but just go with me here)

Well, what if you’re an Atheist and you only want to date another Atheist? Well, according to the CIA world factbook, 16% of the country is non-religious. That means, out of 310 Million people, 49,600,000 of them are Atheists, 24,800,000 of them are of the opposite sex.

155 million vs 24 million…. that really sucks. You’re restricted to roughly 8% of the population….only 8. That’s roughly (very roughly) only 6 atheists per square mile. (as opposed to 41 per square mile for other people)

4 Responses to “Atheism and dating”

  1. jessica April 9, 2010 at 1:31 am #

    If it makes you feel any better most people deal with those numbers. Jews don’t really want to date Muslims and so forth. Even Christians don’t usually want to date other denominations. So just hope for the best and realize everyone else is doing the same.

  2. cyndy April 10, 2010 at 9:13 am #

    Religion is not always a deal breaker. Some people can agree to disagree and still appreciate, and even love, others of a different faith, or none. Don’t limit yourself, or others.

  3. isnessie April 13, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    I do agree that religion doesn’t have to come between people in a relationship, but it of course really depends on the people and the levels of religiousity and religious expectations involved. It will of course bring up some things, but doesn’t neccesarily have to be a deal breaker as the person before said.
    In my case, I would find it very difficult to be with a theist. All of the theists I do know are very strongly religious or traditionally religious to a point where it would be a problem for them too, if we were to be in a relationship.
    In fact, one of the things I thought when I first left Christianity was that my chance of finding someone I could be with was absolutely obliterated! Imagine my amazement at finding my current atheist boyfriend via my atheist blog. We’re in different countries though, so of course that makes it difficult, but at least you can’t rule out the possibility of finding someone, somewhere, who’s right for you.

  4. J April 16, 2010 at 11:48 pm #

    The one thing I hate about getting into an argument with a Christian is that they tend to call my views extremist when I tell them that the world would be better off without religion. As though in their minds, they cannot extricate an idea from the people, and they are subsequently led to believe that I would desire to eliminate the adherents along with the ideas they carry in some monumental, self-aggrandizing, megalomaniacal mass genocide. Yes, so my ideas threaten another person’s idea of “order”, does that suddenly make me an extremist, or evil, nihilistic? The reason why I am currently opposed to the idea of dating a Christian (or really anyone in general) is that they do not understand me nor are they trying to. People are ultimately selfish, so I say let them wallow in their delusions and bible ghost stories. God is a symbol for domination and hegemony, whether people want to admit that or not. I prefer not to be subjected to perverted ideologies that make me submit to them the same way no one would wish to be abducted by governmental secret police and taken into a field to be executed/persecuted by a firing squad for imaginary crimes/sins they didn’t commit.

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