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It’s bad to have an opinion, worse to have a strong one.

28 Apr

If there is one thing I’ve learned from people, it’s that having an opinion is a bad thing. It’s even worse if you have a strong opinion. The stronger the opinion, the worse it is. Apathy is what’s cool. Not giving a shit is what’s cool. Hey man, it’s all good, relax, just go with the flow, why bother? Fuck that and fuck you. Go ahead, float through life without a care in the world, just take whatever injustice comes your way lying down. You can’t be bothered to care. As long as you’re entertained you’re happy, no matter what they do to you or your rights. Well guess what buddy, you sir are a slave to people who do care. It is people who actually give a fuck and will get off their ass that control the world. If you don’t mind people fucking you over, then don’t complain. You disgust me.

Shut up crazy guy!

28 Apr

I recently finished up a discussion based course where we would hear a lecture, read some articles, and then try and tie it all together in short papers. After this the class would get together and have a discussion on the topic. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but the entire time I felt like everyone just wanted me to shut the hell up. I didn’t talk all the time, but when I did, I felt like everyone just rolled their eyes and wished I would just go sit in the corner. “Oh shut up you stupid liberal Atheist, nobody gives a shit about what you have to say!” For some reason all my ideas are crazy, but nobody can explain to me why they’re crazy. I feel like they just don’t want to tolerate me, like I’m “that guy.” I don’t want to be “that guy”! I know plenty of creepy crazy guys around campus and I try to avoid them like the plague. I think I can take social cues as when something is inappropriate, or when people aren’t interested. Those guys seem to be obsessed with themselves and can never understand why people don’t like them. They’re crazy and hover around people. I just don’t understand why people never want to take my ideas seriously. Did I miss a memo or something?

About to graduate…do I deserve it?

28 Apr

In 17 days I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in History. I’m starting to have second thoughts about everything. What have I learned in four years? Well, not much. I know a bit more about history than I did when I graduated high school, but that’s not saying much since I was obsessed with the subject back then. I already knew a lot compared to other students going in. I guess I’ve learned how to write papers. That’s pretty much it. I’ve learned how to research and write. Is that worth $35,000 a year for 4 years? I’m not sure.

I’ve had an interesting experience. I’ve meet some great people, expanded my views on a lot of things, and got to experiment with new interests. But that’s not what I’m worried about. The social and life experiences were great, I’m just worried about what I know academically. I don’t feel like I deserve a Bachelor’s degree. Yeah, I’ve worked hard over these past 4 years, not going to parties, pulling all nighters on papers, traveling for history conferences, etc, but I don’t feel like I know enough to be given a B.A. I’m worried that everyone else knows more than me in their fields and that I’m still the same as when I graduated high school. I feel like I’m just pretending, and that some day it’s all going to catch up to me and I’ll be exposed for my lack of knowledge. ūüė¶

The problem with calling Atheism a religion…

26 Apr

Sometimes people will try and claim Atheism is a religion during a debate in an attempt to discredit it or move the burden of proof. It also comes of as “See, you’re no better than me!” which is not very flattering to your own cause. Besides the fact that Atheism is as much a religion as “off” is a TV channel, this line of reasoning has some implications that the person using it would not enjoy.

IF Atheism was a religion, then it would be subject to all the same privileges Christianity enjoys. Atheists could build tax-exempt houses of un-worship. All our Atheism related transactions would be tax-exempt. Atheists could get off work and out of school for Atheist holidays. If Atheism was a religion, we could able to demand that people stop attacking out tenants, we could put non-bibles in every hotel room, we’d have politicians begging us and pandering to us for our votes, we’d have statues erected to Atheism, we could even have an un-sabbath. As a religion we could demand unconditional respect be given to us based on our lack of faith.¬† Basically, if Atheism was a religion we would be entitled to every kickback other religions get. The person saying “Well you’re a religion too!” never takes this into account. They just want us to have all the negative stuff that goes with being a religion, without any of the societal privileges.


24 Apr

Just the other day the creators of South Park got death threats from a group of Muslims called “Revolution Muslim” because one of the characters in an episode was supposedly the prophet Muhammad in a bear suit. (It actually turned out to be Santa.¬† Comedy Central freaked out and caved under the death threats, censoring the episode and not uploading it to their website like every other South Park episode in history. They even censored the final speech given by one of the characters against hate and violence.

Revolution Muslim is a group based in New York City, in the shadow of ground zero. Our laws protect their insane speech, as they should, but then they make death threats and our media caves. Revolution Muslim,


Now we see if they send me death threats…. ~_^

Arizona demands papers for illegals

24 Apr

Arizona’s republican Gov. Jan Brewer just signed a bill allowing Arizona police officers to demand immigration papers for anyone they suspect of being an illegal.

The Govenor says she won’t tolerate racial profiling, but tell me, how do you expect this to go? Who are the illegal immigrants? They’re Hispanics from south of the border. Say police pull over John Doe, a white man, for speeding. Are they going to bother to ask him for his immigration papers or proof of citizenship? No! Of Course not! Why would they? He’s white! White people don’t come from south of the border, so he can’t be an illegal.

Now take the same situation, but instead of a white guy, say the cops pull over a Latino for speeding. Ut-oh, he’s the same ethnicity as all those illegals coming in from south of the border. Are they going to ask him for his papers? YES! There is no possible way that this will NOT turn into racial profiling. In effect, the republican governor is saying that an entire ethnicity must carry identification papers with them at all times. Gee… Where else in history has an entire ethnicity been forced to carry identification papers at all times?

Thank you Arizona republicans, you’ve just handed over the fastest growing population in America to the Democrats.

Liberty & Freedom are worthless

24 Apr

Liberty and Freedom are worthless words. The ideas those words used to represent are still invaluable, but we no longer have words to represent those concepts.

In George Orwell’s 1984 there is the important concept of “double speak“. Double speak is the deliberate distortion of language in the hopes of making meaningful discussion impossible. Controlling language, just like controlling history, is an extremely powerful weapon. If you can debase and alter the very language of a debate, you can frame it any way you want. Your opponents will become victims of their own language.

We see this happening in America today. In the past, conservatives successfully altered the connotation  of the word liberal. They turned it into something dirty, a crime, a perversion. What did liberals do? They cowered and switched to progressive. Now the right is hammering away at progressive as hard as they did liberal to try and make that a dirty word too.

Liberty & Freedom have fallen victim to the same war. What do those words mean? I don’t know what they mean now. I see them constantly being used by people who would, if elected, severely restrict who could marry who, what women could do with their bodies, where women and blacks could work and go to school, who could serve in the military, what religion the government would favor, who could enter this country in search of a better life. The people using the words Liberty & Freedom would make a lot of decisions controlling the actions and choices of other people. Is that what Liberty & Freedom mean?

There was a time when those words, like liberal and progressive meant something different. There was a time when Liberty & Freedom meant the lack of control. Liberty and Freedom were words feared by people who sought to coerce and control others. People uttering those words were to be quickly and mercilessly put down by the authorities.

Now those who would take away people’s ability to do what they please use these words to describe their cause. Liberty & Freedom are now worthless words.