Glenn Beck: Ignore Jesus

9 Mar

Now even though I’m an Atheist, I agree Jesus had some good universal ideas like love thy neighbor, look after the poor, do unto others as you would have done to you, etc… Social Justice.

But apparently Glenn Beck disagrees with Jesus on social justice:

Social Justice is a code word for fascism and communism? Run from the churches that preach social justice? Seriously?

Way to Beck. Jesus and his hippie love for the less fortunate can go to hell…

2 Responses to “Glenn Beck: Ignore Jesus”

  1. Charlie March 9, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    Y’know, I do not watch Fox News, and I am blissfully ignorant of most of what Glenn Beck has to say. But this example points out the difference between orthodox Christian teaching and what has become (in accordance with what Beck said in this clip), the American ‘Christian’ movement. It was a different and much more orthodox expression of Christianity that did in fact stand for social justice in our ending child labor and promoting civil rights, in ending slavery in Britain in the early 1800’s, in ending apartheid in South Africa while at the same time preventing the bloodbath predicted as a ‘natural’ result of doing so. This type of ‘social’ and ‘economic’ justice has been part of orthodox (by that I mean genuine) Christian teaching ever since we came out of the Middle Ages, and as a significant part of Christian teaching in the first few hundred years of history in the Common Era. Bishop Basil of Cesaraea is a prime example in the years leading up to the Councils of Nicaea. It is only a recent development, one I can remember even in my own lifetime, to see the ‘voices’ of Christianity speaking as they do today. Please be aware, GP and your good blog responders, there are other more orthodox expressions of Christianity out here.

    Best regards,


    p.s., GP, the weather report seems to predict that MTA will hold up to it’s alternative meaning… (smile)

  2. godlesspaladin March 9, 2010 at 6:31 pm #

    Hey Charlie, thanks again for another great comment. 🙂 Yeah, I in no way mean to imply that the rest of the religious movement believes this about social justice. Most of the churches I know run soup kitchens and homeless shelters and are in no way “anti-social justice” like Beck.

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