Atheists are hate groups

5 Mar

So recently Obama met with The Secular Coalition for America and some right wing groups went nuts.

“It is one thing for Administration to meet with groups of varying viewpoints, but it is quite another for a senior official to sit down with activists representing some of the most hate-filled, anti-religious groups in the nation,” said Council Nedd, chairman of the religious advocacy group In God We Trust.

Seriously? Atheist groups are hate groups? We stand up for freedom of religion for all, and we’re hate groups? We stand up for separation of church and state and we’re hate groups?

Last time I checked, Atheists weren’t the ones protesting human rights. Atheists aren’t the ones killing gays and shouting “I hate fags!”. Atheists aren’t the ones who stone people or blow up health clinics. Atheists aren’t the ones who blow up restaurants and buses. Atheists are not the ones with a book, telling other people they are going to burn in HELL forever!

But yeah, other than that we’re totally hate groups. The idea that we fight for the equality of all human beings and stand up for reason and intelligent inquiry is just some conspiracy…

4 Responses to “Atheists are hate groups”

  1. Godless March 6, 2010 at 12:37 am #

    It’s the same old meme that atheists are atheists because they hate god. For some reason they can’t seem to understand there’s no hate involved, just disbelief.

  2. joseph April 4, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    Atheists are not a hate group, but neither are religious. Fanaticism is dangerous, not religion itself. Fans for politics, sports or religion, are dangerous.

    Do not fight religion, but fanaticism in all its expression, because religion is just another excuse to hate, as it could be any political ideology of any other type.

    Remove religion to eliminate fanaticism is like remove McDonald’s to prevent eat

    An example of fanaticism is to call believers ignorant just because they are believers. Another example of fanaticism is to treat equally all believers simply because some of them are not good.

    Love your neighbor as yourself – Jesus.

    God bless you, dear.

  3. J April 19, 2010 at 1:12 am #

    There ought to be a scientific study conducted to determine what percentage of Christians understand what a delusion is and also if they understand what the term ponzi scheme means. That would actually be rather entertaining to capture on camera too I’d wager.

  4. Metacrock October 4, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    anyone can say nice things flash a peace sign. if you believe in freedom why is it that every major atheist leaders says they want fix it so you can’t teach your kids about God? Dawkins signed two separate petitions for that. Why is the leader of the American atheists talking about “eradicating” fundamentalist Chrsitians? He says “just their ideas” but at best that means he’s into thought control. Sorry, you are in a hate group. you are brain washed.

    There’s no way to hide the massive dogmatic ridicule and mocking that you any time some one disagreed with you. Atheists are about to become brown shirts. It’s epidemic on every message board where they congregate.

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