Why did god allow the earthquake in Haiti?

8 Feb

As everyone knows the earthquake in Haiti killed hundreds of thousands in seconds, devastating the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Whenever something like this happens, people often ask “Why did our loving god allow this to happen?” Most religious people try to answer that with several possible yet unsatisfactory rationalizations. “It’s god’s will, it’s for the greater good, it’s to teach all of us a lesson, it’s so we will know how much god loves the rest of us, it was the devil and not god, it’s a test of our faith, etc, etc.”

These are all really poor explanations, and none of them true. Why did the earthquake in Haiti happen? Simple. Because Haiti is on a fault line between tectonic plates. Those plates shifted 10 miles away from Port-au-prince and 5 miles underground. It just happens. That’s what tectonic plates do. If we had perfect data measuring the currents of liquid magma causing the plates to move then we could have known exactly when, where, and how bad every earthquake would be. Same goes for every other natural phenomenon. Unfortunately we don’t have that data. Science is getting closer every day to getting it, but this takes time. Take god out of the picture and you stop making excuses for why bad shit happens.

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