Exam time at “Liberty” “University”

14 Dec

So the other day my girlfriend and I decided to go down to Panera bread to get lunch, and the place was swamped with “Liberty” students studying for exams.

I could not help but laugh. What’s the point? Nobody is going to take your degree seriously unless you’re applying for a ministry position. The “university” is not a university. It’s a religious joke school that brainwashes their students.

Higher education depends on constantly asking questions, challanging the status quo, and exploring new ideas. This is not encouraged at “Liberty” “University”. An LU student once told me when asked why they chose LU “I wanted to be told what to believe”. WOW! Really? Well you went to the right place.

There was once a secular speaker that came to Lynchburg College to give a lecture on religion and Atheism, and after the lecture I noticed an entire group of LU students had gathered around their “teachers” who were trying to un-teach everything the lecturer had talked about.
The kids were given no chance to think about the subject matter on their own.

The school even banned democrats! Now I can understand not agreeing with a political party or ideology, but shouldn’t ideas stand on their own merit without the arbitrary intervention of the administration?

So here were all these preppy conservative christian kids with their apple notebooks pretending to be going to a real university, studying for their exams. The one that blew me away the most was the kids who were studying for biology exams. “Liberty” “University” doesn’t even accept the fact of evolution! How can you have biology without evolution!?!?!? These people think the world is 6,000 years old and that man walked with dinosaurs, and they’re trying to teach biology. I’d like to get my hands on their biology book and see what page Noah’s ark is on.

Here, check this excerpt out from their biology department page:

“The biology faculty at Liberty University are committed to academic excellence and to training students to represent Christ in the fields of medicine, scientific research, and teaching…”

So basically, they already have their conclusions in Christ, so whatever the science tells them they must either ignore, distort, or misrepresent.

“However, our faculty are not only concerned about our student’s academic and professional preparation, but are equally concerned about the personal and spiritual well-being of every student.”

Read as “Don’t worry parents, we’ll make sure not to contaminate your children with actual science”

Give me a break, this “school” is a joke.

5 Responses to “Exam time at “Liberty” “University””

  1. Dan December 14, 2009 at 4:07 pm #

    Hehe, seeing this post just inspired me to check out the Liberty University biology/chemistry department website. Looks like they’re pretty sparse on courses offered (especially given the relatively decent size to the department), and the number of publications for many of the faculty just don’t seem to exist. Oh, and for the bios of the faculty, far more attention is given to their families (which is irrelevant) than to professional matters like research (nothing mentioned for about half of them).

    Sounds like a community college-level faculty to me.

  2. godlesspaladin December 14, 2009 at 7:00 pm #

    I actually know one of the guys who teaches biology across the street from “Liberty” at a Central Virginia Community College and he’s at least got his PhD. in biology. The people at “Liberty” might as well be janitors.

  3. chris April 15, 2011 at 5:16 pm #

    I agree. I took one semester at Liberty and that was plenty of time for me to realize that it wasnt a good school especially in terms of academics. Community college prof seem to be much better than the ones at Liberty. Biggest waste of money that I have ever spent on education. Thankfully I realized it before i wasted too much time.

  4. godlesspaladin April 16, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    Hey Chris, wow, were you just commuting or were you living there for a month? What “course” did you take?

  5. chris May 17, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    well i actually took some business courses online with lu. They were eight week courses so they really crammed things in. With the courses i took there were no pp slides, no course notes,etc. The instructors didnt seem prepared at all and didnt seem as if they wanted to be there. One of the instructors took 3 to 4 days to reply to emails. When you have a test the next day, a 3 day response time just does not cut it. I’m Christian so its not an issue of me not being able to handle the religious aspects and I respect Christians and Non-Christians all the same(although much of the lu faith seemed fake at times), its more of me just not being happy with the education and especially the instructors. I got good grades so that wasnt an issue either but when an instructor gives you a B on a paper but fails to provide any feedback and cant explain why you got the B, I have an issue with that. The instructors at the local community college are much better than what I experienced at lu.

    I’m not knocking anyone who is happy that goes there but to me the school felt like a total rip and I could see that place causing some to not want to be religious anymore.

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