An Athiest picks up a hitch-hiker

8 Dec

So the other night my girlfriend and I went out to Sheetz to get some late night food. She was up working on a paper, and I was busy playing computer games. While we were at Sheetz I ran into this poor looking black man in his 50’s. He and I started chatting while I was waiting for my food, and he made up some story about his family members leaving him at Sheetz, and asked if he could get a ride just two miles up the road.

Well, it was cold and windy out, and it looked like it was going to rain, so I said yes. I subtly looked him over to make sure he didn’t have a bulge in his pockets that would indicate a gun or a knife, and checked to see if it alright with my girlfriend. She didn’t object so we picked him up and started driving.

Well, apparently he can’t count because 2 miles turned out to be 18, and we were driving for a while. He talked about how he was a migrant construction worker, and how I was really nice for helping him out, and how nobody else would even give him the time of day. He also started to talk about believing in god, to which I just chuckled quietly to myself. I thought about telling him that two Atheists were the ones giving him a ride, but I didn’t want to start that discussion, and I didn’t know how he might react to that.

When we finally stopped, he mentioned how hungry he was, and so I gave him my food that I got at Sheetz. He needed it more than me. My girlfriend was a bit annoyed that we were now 30 minutes away from the college, on the night she had a huge paper due in the morning, but she understood that I was just being a good person. It was kinda thrilling, and I was glad I could help my fellow man out. I wonder if he saw my Atheist bumperstickers as I drove away…. ~_^

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