Why do conservatives hate Obama so much?

7 Oct

I remember the liberal protests of Bush when he was in power. We were all really angry. We felt he purposely mislead the American people and got us into another never ending war, that vice president Dick Cheney was a war criminal under the Geneva Convention for allowing torture, and that they shredded our right to privacy by wiretapping our phones without court oversight. Cheney even tried to create a secret death squad! I really hated these guys, but never did I say they should be assassinated like some conservatives say of Obama. (there was even a facebook poll on this)

What I see now is something different, something more violent, more venomous. This goes beyond just calling Obama Hitler. (Which was wrong when the liberals called Bush Hitler, just as it is wrong when the conservatives say it of Obama)

A recent poll of New Jersey conservatives showed that %18 of self identified conservatives believed Obama to be the anti-christ, a further %17 were not sure. Also among that self-identified conservative group, %14 think he has the numbers “666” hidden under his hair. (wtf?)

There is even this video on youtube trying to make the case the Jesus identified Barack Obama as satan:

Now I understand that many conservatives feel very strongly that Obama is destroying America, but the liberals felt the very same way about Bush, and the liberals never brought guns to rallies holding signs saying “the tree of liberty needs watering”.

I think Rush Limbaugh epitomized the view of many when he said “I want Obama to fail!”.

It certianly feels like many conservatives want America to fail, as long as it all happens on Obama’s watch. Take this reaction from the “Americans for Prosperity” (a conservative group) upon hearing that America was eliminated in the first round of hearings to determine the location of the next Olympic games:

Yay!!! Something bad just happened to America on Obama’s watch!!! Really? Do you really hate him more than you love America? This just blows my mind.

I really have to wonder how much race and religion play into this. I know the conservatives would have hated any liberal president, but I somehow doubt they would have hated as much as they hate a black man with muslim heritage. Just watching the tea party parades on Washington last month, there seemed to be something different, scarier, more militant than the liberal protests I remember.

3 Responses to “Why do conservatives hate Obama so much?”

  1. Brian October 13, 2009 at 2:19 pm #

    The reason you think this stuff is new is because you haven’t been paying attention. “Bush Derangement Syndrome” was the term used among conservative circles for the violent hatred of our previous president. The ranting about how W was stupid, bumpkinish, and evil was so ubiquitous, the righties abbreviated it with the phrase “Chimpy McBush-Hitler”. We had plays and TV shows fantasizing about the assassination of W, and even a Nobel Peace Prize winner talked openly about her desire to see Bush dead. Caricatures of W done up with the Joker’s makeup didn’t appear on freeway overpasses like for Obama. Instead, they were featured in the pages of Vanity Fair magazine. Hell, I knew otherwise smart and stable people who openly opined that W would engineer a crises in order to cancel the last election so he could remain president indefinitely.

    As for wanting Obama to fail, wanting the President to fail is not the same as wanting the USA to fail, in spite of what many foamy-at-the-mouth conservatives said during the W years. ;p More specifically, conservatives feel that Obama is doing the exact opposite of what should be done to turn the economy around. They point to the Reagan model of lower taxes and deregulation. They believe that raising taxes and the minimum wage discourage the creation of new jobs. They think the Democratic plans for healthcare reform are rife with bad ideas that will spawn hydra-like unintended consequences. The big question in conservative circles right now isn’t whether or not Obama and the Dems are shoving the country in the wrong direction, but whether they are doing it out of ignorance or are wilfully attempting to cripple the country for some, as yet hidden, nefarious purpose.

  2. Orlando June 12, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    How did you miss the demonstrators over the last decade with guillotines and Bush’s decapitated head? The Bush effigies in nooses? The signs calling for the death of Bush?

    I can stand neither Bush nor Obama but to act like this is some new phenomenon is naive at best. Your observations demonstrate one thing…you aren’t very observant.

  3. Jet March 25, 2012 at 1:34 am #

    During the Bush Administration, the Main Stream Media did not adequately cover “anything” related to him. Demonstrations were held miles away from the White House, and alternate news sources (internet, etc.) were the only way to find out what was happening in Washington. I never heard of Bush effigies, or guillotines, either. Lets not forget that anyone who spoke out against the Bush Administration was considered unpatriotic, or subect to Homeland Security monitoring. (Ask any public librarian, their opinion on this fact.) As for Pres. Obama, the depth of hatred expressed against him would never be tolerated by the Bush Administration. Bush could do NO WRONG, and his suppporters have a convenient case of AMNESIA where GWB is concerned.

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