More imaginary conversations

4 Oct

A: You can’t be moral without god

B: Yes you can. I’m moral and I don’t believe in god.

A: According to my system of morality you’re not moral

B: Well then according to my system of morality you’re not moral.

A: Yes I am, my system is god’s system!

B: Really? And do you have any evidence for this god?

A: You simply must believe, evidence is not needed

B: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

A: Well, what evidence do you have to support your morality?

B: My morality is based on reality. Rape, murder, and stealing is wrong because it is detrimental to the survival of the community as a whole. Plus, these acts are just naturally repulsive to me.


Something else to think about. Here is a situation, who is more moral?

Person A comes across person X who needs $100 to feed their children. Person A simply gives person X the $100 without expecting anything in return.

Person B comes across person X, but is told by person Y that if they do not give person X the $100 to feed their children they will be brutally killed. Naturally afriad of punishment, person B gives  person X the $100.

Person C comes across person X, and this time person Y says that if they do not give person X the money, they will brutally kill them, however, person Y tells person C that if they do give person X the money they will receive an all expense paid vacation to the destination of their choice.

Who is the more moral one?

One Response to “More imaginary conversations”

  1. Syrsuro October 13, 2009 at 9:48 pm #

    “Who is the more moral one?” cannot be determined because we have no idea what Person B or Person C would have done without the influence of Person Y.


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