Why does it feel like the GOP is still in charge?

27 Sep

I get the feeling the republicans are still in charge of the country. Even though technically they lost both the white house and congress, they still manage to some how throw a wrench in all the democrats’ plans.

Healthcare is a perfect example. The dems have enough seats to push this through, but it’s as if the republicans are in charge of congress. No matter what Obama’s plans are they manage to somehow stall them.

I think the killer here is the economy. Under the last 8 years of regulation being a fowl word the economy went to hell. Bush and the republicans fucked things up so badly, and got booted out just in time of this tsunami of shit to crash on Obama and the dems.

What was Obama to do? Nothing and let it play out? (Like what the tea party folks are screaming they wish he had done) Then the economy would have completely crashed and the republicans would have pointed the blame at him anyways.

Obama was damned either way. Let the largest economy in the world crash and be blamed, or try and bail it out and be blamed. (And trust me, I wish those fuckers at the bank had been allowed to drown, but what were we to do?)

I just am amazed how the republicans are surfing this. It’s like they’re trying to say “We know we fucked this whole thing up to begin with, but since we started it, we know how to finish it, and this Obama guy is just going to mess it up worse!”

They’re using the anger over the economy to block every measure the democrats want to put in place. How are they able to still do this? Just steam roll them. They’ve shown that they don’t really care about bi-partisanship. Obama’s reached out to them several times (and pissed off his base in the process) and for what? For them to spit in his face and then complain that he doesn’t care.

One Response to “Why does it feel like the GOP is still in charge?”

  1. Driftingfocus September 27, 2009 at 7:57 am #

    I really don’t understand why Obama is still trying to be bipartisan. If the republicans had the majority, they’d be steam-rolling us, so I don’t understand why we’re trying to give them a courteousy that they would not give us if the shoe were on the other foot. I like Obama, but he needs to play a little meaner.

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