Yale University surrenders free speech

9 Sep

Yale University has decided to pull the controversial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad from an upcoming book on the mass violence that shook the world in 2006 after their publication.

Why was Yale afraid to publish the photos? Violence

Last time I checked, influencing people’s actions with the fear of violence or the threat of it is a form of terrorism. The whole point to free speech is that you should be able to publish without the fear of violence. This is exactly the reason we have free speech. And Yale goes and surrenders it.

2 Responses to “Yale University surrenders free speech”

  1. Okpokpo, Emmanue Zadok January 29, 2013 at 6:47 pm #

    Sin is good in the making, original sin is neigther more or less than the brute inheritance which every man carries with him, and process of evolution an advance towards true salvation. Again to me, sin is a figment of a perverted imagination- an imaginary creation of abnormal minds. Inother words, sin does not exist actually;it’s not a reality in the sense that no one say he has experience or having a feeling of sin in him. Some people like the christians just imagine they sin, and this imagination is a disease of the mind. The man who is convicted of sin is unbalanced, and the man who mourns over sin and seeks for forgiveness from god or gods is terribly insane. The man insane is the one who denies the fact of sin. Man only imagine he has sinned when he is not doing well in himself and looking excuses to cover up himself, again he will only thought to be a sinner if he is lazy of doing what he surpose to do and having fear of blames from the external cosmos. I don’t need any god to tell me what am doing is wrong or right for within me i know what is good or evil. People thought disobeying the ten commandments of the christian bible is only to sin, but there is something more worst than that, when your brother is hungry and you give him not food but having is sin beacause it’s natural that you feed your brother when hungry, when naked cloth him, sick attend to him. The God many are talking sinned against is never crying to our hearing, when you try to displace others from their positions and began to rule then you are only doing what don’t like. As man i know what is bad for me not to do it and if i do i sinned against myself and not any god. When things are going well with man he never thought of committing sin, but when are now in the opposite he sinned and that is the outcome. Right from the day man killed god and buried, he becomes a free man and when you are free, who will accuse you of sinning against him. Sin war against moral value meaning, it’s a moral bondage. My opinion about sin is it is any failure to conform to the moral law of any organization. Religious people are only trying to deceive the uneducated with sin, the pope declares pardon over sin and takes indulgence, the rise of papacy in Rome, simony and other abominable things done. The religious people especially the christians and muslims are the greatest sinners according to their definitions of sin, now how can a man kill his fellow man for the sake of his religion and yet he is promised virgins and new wine in paradise all the days of his life. Ethically, we need not to kill but clergymen kill to become Bishops and other positions in the church, what about the secret child-bearing method among the Roman-Catholic Fathers and sisters, abortion is common with them but not sin. The major crises today in the world is religious fanticism which is the bane of Global development. The poor are oppressed among them, christian/ islamic leaders are never trustworhty for they are the causatic agents of human suffering. When you work against any one unjustly is sin and not that you sin against any god but your own soul.

  2. Okpokpo, Emmanuel Zadok January 31, 2013 at 2:45 am #

    If life is life, then why the life? Many have tried to define life both religious and non-religious ones, but no one has given the best which humanity needs. Life is miserable and meaningless according to some but this would only be true to the poor, but never to the rich. The Christian Bible says it is not easy for the rich to enter into the kingdom of God rather it’s easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle, but to me in other words “it is more easier for the poor to go to hell than the rich” because the heart of the poor is always troubled by the presence of the rich. No righteous man on earth and i think there is no good god for if there is, he would have created good ones like him. What holds man captive is reasoning, i mean rational reasoning when you are domant not having any sense of reasoning then you are insane. Our freedom comes when we stop worshipping what we don’t know but call god, when what we worship is nothing but ourselves. Man needs to be free and that freedom is to philosophical in reasoning for philosophers and atheists are the good leaders in the world. Think

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