Sometimes I like to push buttons

5 Sep

There are some republicans that have gotten so crazy lately, I’m tempted to play straight into their paranoia to see if they might actually explode. It’s like poking a wild animal just to make it madder.

I’m tempted to plaster my car with bumper stickers that read “Take their guns and their bibles!”, “Make pot and abortion mandatory for all students”, “Burn all the flags!”, “I support gay sex in public”, “Let terrorists free in our homes”, “I support total gov. control!”

Do I actually support any of those things? of course not, and I don’t know any democrats that do either. The republicans I hear about just seem so convinced that if they’re not running the country, it must be the end times, and that democrats are all evil communists that want to destroy the country in the name of their anti-christ god Obama.

I really feel the republicans’ attacks on Obama have been unfair. Did democrats make pictures of Bush as Hitler? Yes. Was it justified? No. I hate the man, and I think he was the worst president ever, but he didn’t round up 6 million people and send them to death camps.

I see republicans doing a lot of things I saw democrats doing during Bush. While I think it’s wrong when both sides call the other side Hitler and the anti-christ; I feel that republicans are attacking Obama much harder and sooner than dems attacked Bush.

The guy’s only been in office a few months. He’s trying to clean up an economic mess that was building up all throughout the Bush years, and republicans want to blame him for it. Bush and the republicans, on the other hand, went to sleep at the wheel and allowed terrorists to kill 3000 Americans, and then spent the next 8 years trying to milk it harder than George Lucus milks star wars. I’m sorry, but so far Obama is off to a better start than Bush.

One Response to “Sometimes I like to push buttons”

  1. Eta Carinae January 24, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    Awesome! I laughed so hard at the “TEARS of impotent rage”!

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