Why did you come to college?

1 Sep

In highschool there was always a group of kids who really didn’t want to be there, and really didn’t give a shit what the class was about. They usually sat in the back of the class and talked. These kids tended not to do too well in school, and I was hoping the college application process would weed them out; guess I was wrong.

There still seem to be people in college who really don’t want to be in class, and don’t give a shit about what’s going on. Why the fuck are you here? Honestly, you chose to be here. You had to sign up for this class. If you don’t want to be here shut the fuck up and get out. Quit distracting the rest of us. Yeah, you might think I’m a loser for actually paying attention and wanting to be here, but you can kiss my ass when I walk across the stage with my degree and go onto a better paying job. I’ll be sure to smile at you when I go through the drive through window in a nice car.

One Response to “Why did you come to college?”

  1. Brian September 2, 2009 at 12:04 am #

    The problem is, they might not want to be in college, but they’ve got no idea what else to do.

    School, up until then, doesn’t really teach you anything about making your own choices are understand the world enough to grab the controls and build your own thing. It’s very good at laying out a path for your future, though, and most roads these days lead to college. With the utter banishment of vocational training, where else are they going to go? The road past high school graduation leads off a cliff.

    Did your high school have a career fair for graduating seniors? Did it offer any sort of vocational training that could be turned into a real job after graduation? Those folks who gab in the back of class and really don’t want to be there have to do *something* after graduation, but they’re barely qualified to pump gas these days. There are no more mill and factory jobs. The blue collar path to the middle class hasn’t really dried up (not when plumbers are worried about being taxed like the “rich” who make more than $120k per year), but you wouldn’t know that talking to your average high school student. Besides, even if they did want to becoming plumbers, or start their own businesses, how would they do it? They have no idea where to even begin, because nobody ever told them this vital stuff.

    Your parting shot is an excellent example. If you want to get rich, I mean really, filthy-stinkin’ fat-cat rich, and you’re starting from nothing, the drive-thru may be your best start. If you impress your manager enough, you might get a shot at attending Hamburger U, and from there you’d have a chance at starting your own McDonald’s franchise. I know lots of people with college degrees who will never be as rich as that guy. If you own a McD’s, you’ll work hard, you’ll work on holidays, and you’ll catch a lot of crap from people, but you won’t be poor.

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