Maps rock!

1 Sep

How often do you see a map of the world? You probably think it’s no big deal. If you were flipping through papers and came across one you’d probably pay no attention to it. Have you ever stopped to think what it took to make that map? It took us thousands of years to full explore and map the planet. How many people died in the quest to fill in the blank edges on the map?

That modern map you hold in your hands is probably not worth much to you now, but imagine how much money you could get for it if you took it back 5-700 years. You could get so much money that you would never have to want for anything. And yet now it’s just another piece of paper you flip past.

Imagine how useful a modern map would be if there was an armageddon type war, where people were cut off from one another. Imagine if the power stations were blown up and there was no electricity to run your computer. No internet to use mapquest. That modern map would suddenly mean a lot more to you. It would represent knowledge, control, and freedom of movement.

Given all that went into finally making an accurate map of the world, I feel I can safely say that Google Earth is one of the greatest technological achievements mankind has ever produced.

google earth map

One Response to “Maps rock!”

  1. Oddysey September 1, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    Y’know, a game that revolved around mapping, in detail, a decent-sized, geographically unusual region could be pretty fun. Particularly if there were lots of opportunities to “talk” information out of unfriendly natives.

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