30 Aug

Alcohol; I have no interest in it. I’ve never been drunk in my life, and I really don’t see the appeal of being drunk. When I told my friend that I was helping my girlfriend throw an alcohol free party he replied “I don’t see why people say they can have fun without alcohol. It makes you able to have more fun! Trying to have fun at a party without alcohol is like trying to start a fire with flint and steel. Why use flint and steel when they’ve invented the lighter?” To which I quickly replied: “Yes, but how many people have accidentally burned down their house with flint and steel?”

I’m in my senior year at Lynchburg College. Last year I had a house with 5 other guys, and the place was party central. After watching last year unfold, I can safely say that nothing good came out of  the drinking that took place in my house. We had people mixing their medication with their drinks, people throwing up, relationship drama, and had to call 9-11 on several occasions.

When you drink your ability to make good judgments goes down, that’s a fact. It’s like people here get drunk so they can fuck each other and make bad decisions and blame it on the alcohol. If they really regretted making bad decisions while drunk, they would stop drinking. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the appeal of not being in control. I want to be able to control my actions and be able to make good decisions. I guess it’s called responsibility.

I’ve always been the responsible one. Last year I would drive crying drunk girls home, I would clean up if something happened, I would make sure the house didn’t burn down. I also had to talk to the emergency services whenever there was a problem because I was the only person not inebriated.  Eventually I got really fucking sick and tired of having to clean up after the irresponsible.

The first weekend back a “Liberty” “University” student came over to our apartment to party. “Liberty” “University” students often come over to my college campus to drink and party because their evangelical christian school bans all parties and alcohol. This student, a 19 year old girl, drank way too much and mixed her medication. Next thing we know she’s passed out on my friend’s bed in a giant pool of vomit, not responding. My housemates had to call 9-11….again…. I came out of my room to socialize only to find an emergency happening in my apartment.

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