Why Atheism is bad

13 Aug

Everywhere I go I keep coming back to this one argument. I think it is the most universal arguments against Atheism. It’s really the crux of the matter. The odd thing is that this argument is so blatantly false you really don’t have to argue much to prove it wrong. Any sensible person can look around and see the argument is false, yet somehow, people keep subconsciously holding the false claim in their hearts.

The argument I’m talking about is “You can’t be moral without god”. Yes, this is a worn out topic, but no matter how many times it is refuted over and over again, people keep believing it. I guess most people just never stop to actually think about this. They just automatically have this negative gut reaction to Atheism, and when asked to vocalize that knee-jerk reaction, they blurt out that you can’t be good without god. It’s almost like a programmed response, never thought out, just there.

“You need god to be good” is behind all the distrust of Atheists, why they are hated in America, why they can’t run for public office, why people don’t want them teaching their children, why people feel it is sad when someone looses their faith. I always keep coming back to this one ridiculous claim.

7 Responses to “Why Atheism is bad”

  1. David Halliday August 13, 2009 at 7:30 pm #

    Certainly an odd argument. But then so is the opposite. If the existence of God meant that people would be moral, we would all be moral. But this of course is not true. OR if the existence of God meant that we would all want to be moral, then we would all want to be moral. So we want to be good but aren’t. What does that say about God? What does that say about us? (This is where the discussion of free will begins.) ANOTHER QUERRY. If God’s existence depends upon us having a reason to be moral, what happens if we suddenly do not exist? Perhaps his existence does not depend upon our morality or lack of it. Then one cannot make an argument about our morality proving his existence.

  2. ladyinthemountains August 13, 2009 at 8:48 pm #

    I hate when people give that response. It angers me so. I have raised my children without god, for the most part. I have taught them about various beliefs but I want them to find their own way- with or without a religion. My eldest is one of the most moral people I have ever known. She is a good girl and not because she is afraid of hell or is desiring going to heaven but because that is who she is. Now, she is going off to college and it is going to be interesting.

  3. aforcier August 14, 2009 at 2:37 am #

    lets not forget that christians view themselves as sinners, they are told that they are inherently “bad” (warped, but true). no matter how much they “attempt” to be good – through morality – they fail… continuously. they sin… confess… repent… and sin.

    to them…it is inconceivable that “non-believers” who do not have a sense of being inherently bad… be inherently good…

    so they must work hard to find a thousand ways to bring the non-believers down to their “bad” level.( so sad!)

    how about simply feeling a personal sense of responsibility towards our thoughts and actions. and their effects on ourselves and our enviroment. (people, nature, and things)


  4. godlesspaladin August 15, 2009 at 7:50 pm #

    Thanks for the link Anon, but you didn’t have to be a douche bag about it…

  5. James August 24, 2009 at 3:35 am #

    Hannibal Lector poses a provocative perspective in the book ‘Red Dragon’ about the nature of God: “We don’t invent our natures, Will; they’re issued to us along with our lungs and pancreas and everything else. Why fight it? I want to help you, Will, and I’d like to start by asking you this: When you were so depressed after you shot Mr. Garrett Jacob Hobbs to death, it wasn’t the act that got you down, was it? Really, didn’t you feel so bad because killing him felt so good? Think about it. Why shouldn’t it feel good? It must feel good to God—He does it all the time, and are we not made in His image? You may have noticed in the paper yesterday, God dropped a church roof on thirty-four of His worshipers in Texas Wednesday night—just as they were groveling through a hymn. Don’t you think that felt good?”

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