The last one…

20 Jul

Here’s just a thought that came across me the other day. What is it with characters being “The last one.” For example, “The last air bender.” I saw the trailer and there was like one dude, with thousands of bad dudes coming to get him.

Ok, lets think about this for a moment. “The last one of a once powerful race” is a very common motif in films and games. But honestly, if something is the last of its kind, it means its kind probably got their asses handed to them, bad.

Despite this all the “lasts” are portrayed as powerful, almost unbeatable beings. In the “Last airbender” movie, they’re sending thousands of guys to kill one dude. You’d think that in situations like this, the bad guys, having killed of all the others of kind X would have the technique pretty well practiced. But no, it always turns out that the bad guys have no idea how to kill the “last” of something they’ve eradicated, and the last X kicks all their butts and saves the day…

2 Responses to “The last one…”

  1. isnessie July 20, 2009 at 12:58 am #

    Lol, this is SO true! It’s like he’s the last of the superhero race who wasn’t so super after all, so technically he’s super-super O.o Quite silly, now that you mention it.

  2. Katrina May 10, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

    Well while that comment may be true for amny things, there’s one small detail you overlook. Although Ang (the last airbender) is the last airbender, he is the only Avatar. The avatar, is the master of ALL the elements.

    According to the legend/lore, there can only be one avatar on the earth at a time. As soon as one dies, the next one is born. This also cycles through the different tribes: water, earth, fire, air. So when the avatar from an earth tribe dies, then a new avatar from the fire tribe will be born.

    In this popular anime, the fire nation is the “big bad guy”, and their fire avatar grew old and died, so they knew the next avatar would be from an air tribe. This is why they killed every air-bender, hoping they would kill the avatar. Little did they know that the wind tribe avatar was caught up in a huge storm out in the ocean and ended up in the south pole. Long story, but this was no ordinary air bender, he was the avatar. Not only could he control wind, but earth, fire and water as well, making him pretty much an asian superman.

    All of the tribes are considered equal, while the avatar maintains the peace between the tribes. Therefore, he has more power over all of them.

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