Close Gitmo and bring them here.

18 Jun

Ok, there is a lot of bullshit flying around about closing Guantanamo. The people being held there are just that, people. They are just flesh and blood. They do not have superpowers like in X-men that would make them likely to escape.

He have super max prisons here in the US that holds a variety of extremely dangerous people.

The prisoners in Gitmo would not be able to escape. Period. Yet there are a lot of people that are under the assumption that by “bringing them here” the prisoners will be let loose in their backyards, jumping over fences and blowing up their supermarkets. This is total bullshit. Nobody is even thinking of letting these guys walk around freely. It’s a totally ridiculous notion drummed up by republican fear mongers. Unfortunately, not to many of their listeners are smart enough to stop and realize just how absurd this idea is.

Notice I keep saying “prisoners” and not “terrorists”. There is one huge glowing problem with labeling everyone in Gitmo a “terrorist”, not all of them are.

There are some idiot self-righteous hicks out there that are like “Look! It’s an A-rab! He’s a terrorist! Get ‘im!” These people are so positive that they are always in the right, that they couldn’t possibly fuck up, that they god’s chosen warriors in a holy war, that there is no room to entertain the possibility that they might be wrong.

But they have been wrong! Just recently 2 men where found not to be terrorists and were released from Gitmo. Ablikin Turahun and Helil Mamut are just happy to be out of the hell they were imprisoned in for 7 years. They are now living peaceful lives in Bermuda.

You see, there are plenty of people being held in Gitmo without trials. The right to a fair trial is an inalienable human right. You cannot just assume that all of them are terrorists. You must give them their day in court. You must provide evidence of their guilt. (Innocent until proven guilty? Remember that radical hair brained idea?)

Now this is the point where I expect those same ignorant self righteous buffoons to throw up a straw man argument of “You either want these terrorists to be punished or you hate America!” No. No and stfu! It is not either this or that. If the person is given a fair trial and found to be a terrorist, then yes, by all means punish them. However, if they are given a fair trail and found innocent, let them go.

Yet there is a problem even if they are innocent. Back under Bush and the republicans, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the principles enshrined therein was used simply as paper with which to wipe one’s ass.

As a result of mistreatment and torture many of the people who were found innocent and freed have taken up arms against the U.S., and nobody can blame them for it. Hell, you would too if some country broke into your house, cuffed you, and dragged you half way around the planet only to lock you up in a shack and fake drown you for years without a trial.

So what do we do? We’ve totally fucked the lives of those who are innocent. If we release them with nothing, they will most naturally seek revenge. The only thing we can do is deeply apologize and try to compensate them by providing for their families.

Self-righteous buffoon: “Wut?!?!? Hell no! I ain’t givin em nuttin! And I sure as hell ain’t apologizin to no dirty A-rab. Kill ’em all! Let God sort em out!”

This sort of mentality will never make us safe. dumbfucksThe only way they would be “safe” following that line of “thinking” would be to kill everyone on the planet who might not be like them. I’m sure plenty of them would be willing to do just that.

No, we need to at least try to make up for the mistakes America made under Bush. Huburous and arrogance will never bring security and peace. We are not infallible super humans. A little humility and respect would go a long way in solving our problems overseas.

Gitmo is a beacon for terrorists. It lets them say to regular people who would not normally support them “Look! Look at that evil empire! Look how they kidnap our people, imprison us unjustly, and torture us! The great Satan must be stopped!”

This is what we get when we abandon the moral high ground and sink to torture and disregarding human rights. By closing Gitmo, ending torture, and stopping the injustice, we regain that high ground. We cut the legs out from under those bastards. If we show some humility and respect we disarm the terrorists. We take away any justification they might have. In short, we win.

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