The calm before the storm

14 Jun

Trollsmyth‘s new Labyrinth Lord game is approximately 70 hours. ( I spent an hour trying to find a countdown timer that works on wordpress, but to no avail)

Needless to say even without a computer counter, I will be keeping track of the hours. I’m pretty pysched. This will be my first actual campaign with people other than the girlfriend. I got so excited that I not only made one character, but three. (Though I have been playing around with 2 other possibles)

It’s not that I think he’s going to kill off all the players very quickly, it was just that I wanted something to actively do before the game started.

The setting is pretty cool. Check this out: We’re starting out on this sunny and safe vacation island, Dreng Bdan, in the town of Pitsh, the hot get away spot for Russian Mafia playboys. There’s going to be lots of vodka, techno, and women.

Pitsh Rocks!

What could go wrong? ~_^

The first character I’m going to play is Afya, a witch with a waterbuffalo….


I think she’ll be pretty cool to play with. She’s mainly a support character. Not overly focused on combat, but good at brewing up a potion. Yet this bad girl’s got a secret.

The next character is Darastrix, a lizardman. He used to be part of the Lizardfolk army before getting kicked out for being the Lizard equivalent of a furry….(he had an affiar with a human)

(unfortunately I don’t have any crapy home made concept art for him. Yet I imagine it would be something like this:

lizard_manThe last character is perhaps the most inventive.  Meet Vicare! The flying gnome!

pure awesome

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, he may only be 2.5 feet tall, but it’s 2.5 feet of densely packed awesome. This bitch is equipped with 4 trained parrots that pull his small and adventurous body up and into the heavens!

One Response to “The calm before the storm”

  1. Brian June 14, 2009 at 10:06 pm #


    Dear Teapot-in-the-Sky, what have we done?!?

    (And yes, he’s actually written all three of them up and I’ve accepted them as potential characters in the campaign. Though they’re more serious that presented here.

    Well, all but that last one…)

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