Anti-womans rights groups would kill more people than pro-choice groups

1 Jun

In 2006 researchers from the Guttmacher Institute found that 68,000 women die every year from botched abortions, usually preformed in developing countries where the procedure is illegal. If anti-womans’ rights groups had their way and abortion was banned in the United States, we would suffer the same consequences.

There is something very simple that these people do not understand. Try and comprehend this: There are some things in life people are always going to do. These things include having premarital sex, drinking, smoking, gambling, and abortion, among others. You cannot stop them from doing these activities. Making something illegal only sends the activity underground, where it then becomes more dangerous to the people who engage in it; and they will engage in it.

If these “pro-lifers” as they call themselves actually cared about life, they would work to lower the number of abortions each year by fighting for better sex education and the empowerment of women. If people were better educated on birth control and its proper use, there would be fewer unintended pregnancies. Fewer unintended pregnancies = Fewer abortions!

Dead from a botched abortion

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