Starting a new campaign

31 May

This June I will be starting a new campaign run by Trollsmyth. It’s my first big campaign and I’m pretty excited. Well, excited and intimidated. I’ll be joined by some other experienced players.

I’m playing a female witch, Afya. Now I’ve been warned about some of the things that go wrong when men play as women, namely awkward lesbian adventures, but that’s not what I’m shooting for. I also don’t want to be “that player”, the one who just makes life difficult for the DM.

My girlfriend has vented to me several times while running one of her games about how one of the players was just horrible. Copying a second player in almost everything she did, and asking really stupid irrelevant questions.

Anyways, here’s Afya’s back story:

Afya was born and raised on the edge of the Second Lizardfolk Empire. Her mother Malika, a once respected witch, taught Afya of the Mother and the ways of witches, but has been suffering a slow mental decline over that past decade. Malika now spends her time tending to the water buffalo on the family farm and collecting herbs. Afya’s father Jal spent a short time in the Lizardfolk army as an archer, but retired after his tour. He now tends to the family water buffalo and Malika. Jal was wounded and disabled in a border raid by a group of human marauders, and as such work has become more difficult. Afya has one brother, Zahid, who instead of helping on the family farm, left for one of the human cities to seek his fortune, but has not been heard from for some time.

With no relief from the Lizardfolk Empire and a disable father, Afya’s family is having trouble making ends meet. Afya had to make the difficult choice to leave the farm in search of work, her brother, and hopefully something to aid her mother. The family scrounged what they could and even let Afya take a water buffalo, Hercule.


Yes, a waterbuffalo. My lovely girlfriend never told me that we were going to be starting on an Island the size of Corsica. Trollsmyth said he never had a player start out with a waterbuffalo before. I figured I have a lot of hard to carry stuff, and a waterbuffalo could help pull objects out of our way.

For fun I made some really terrible concept art of Afya and Hercule. I found a Chador or the clothing list and decided to run with it. Afya also means “shadows” in Arabic, so I thought it worked nicely.

Afya and Hercule

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